TORONTO SHOOTING: 2 Victims Dead, 13 Wounded After Mass Shooting On Danforth Avenue

The gunman was also killed.

Two innocent people are dead, while 13 are wounded after a mass shooting in the Danforth area of Toronto.

Police Chief Mark Saunders said a young woman was killed in the attack, and the death toll was recently raised after reports that another person had succumbed to their injuries.

A young girl, aged 8 or 9 is said to be among the victims.

The 29-year-old male suspect is also dead. Police have not said whether the man was shot by police, or whether he shot himself.

Police have not yet shared a motive, and the suspects name has not yet been released.

Some witnesses have spoken about how the gunman “executed” the young woman who was killed, reportedly shooting her multiple times.

The video below shows the gunman firing into a cafe:

Danforth Avenue has been closed between Pape Avenue, and Broadview Avenue:

Below, you can watch the initial comments from Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders:

Witnesses described what they heard:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Danforth and Pape: we see clearly the shooter. Why is not the police giving the identity of the killer and his description? They know who he is; defninitely a terrorist attack. Poor John Tory, it has nothing to do with guns.


Prayers for the victims.


How sad. How many illegals from the US are carrying guns over the border and no one vets them ? We never had this before. Toronto should refuse to take in any more illegals until stability is restored. The same crime increase has happened in major cities in Europe where they had open borders.