Toronto Shooting: Law-Abiding Canadian Gun Owners Are Not The Source Of Gun Crime

Politicians who said people shouldn’t jump to conclusions were quick to talk about gun laws.

In the wake of the Danforth Avenue shooting in Toronto, many politicians – including Toronto Mayor John Tory – rightfully said people shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

However, Tory and those politicians then immediately began talking about guns, despite there being no information as to whether the gun was legally obtained or not.

Unfortunately, this is a hypocritical pattern that we’ve seen before.

Right after a terrible crime, many politicians immediately begin crafting a narrative that shifts responsibility away from the individual who committed the heinous act.

They try to subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, demonize Law-abiding gun owners, even though law-abiding gun owners are not the source of gun crime.

This ends up resulting in restrictions and regulations that only add a burden to those who follow the law, while those restrictions are completely ignored by criminals.

It’s time for many politicians to take their own advice, avoid speculation until the facts are in, and stop trying to shift responsibility onto Canadians who are following the law.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube