Toronto Shooting: Law-Abiding Canadian Gun Owners Are Not The Source Of Gun Crime

Politicians who said people shouldn’t jump to conclusions were quick to talk about gun laws.

In the wake of the Danforth Avenue shooting in Toronto, many politicians – including Toronto Mayor John Tory – rightfully said people shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

However, Tory and those politicians then immediately began talking about guns, despite there being no information as to whether the gun was legally obtained or not.

Unfortunately, this is a hypocritical pattern that we’ve seen before.

Right after a terrible crime, many politicians immediately begin crafting a narrative that shifts responsibility away from the individual who committed the heinous act.

They try to subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, demonize Law-abiding gun owners, even though law-abiding gun owners are not the source of gun crime.

This ends up resulting in restrictions and regulations that only add a burden to those who follow the law, while those restrictions are completely ignored by criminals.

It’s time for many politicians to take their own advice, avoid speculation until the facts are in, and stop trying to shift responsibility onto Canadians who are following the law.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Nothing I write gets posted, but here I go. I worked for Years with Mentally Challenged people and for one they are heavily medicated and would never be able to get a gun let alone a gun license or a drivers license. In my opinion, there would have been multiple signs of aggression, anger, display of frustration and fits of dilutional outbursts. Premiere Doug Ford is wise to the Liberal Lies and cover-ups. Unless there is an intense investigation and all avenues are explored, we will never know the real truth behind these senseless murders and they will be covered… Read more »

Roger Shelswell

We do not need gun control.We need immigration and Trudeau Control.

tTommy Hawk

The problem with politicians and guns is that the politicians (such as Tory) fully understand what they are doing when it comes to talking about guns. The most accurate way to describe them is that they are ‘opportunists of the worst kind,’ in that they do not care one whit about curbing (or even honestly attempting to curb) crime and criminals. They also realize that if the lawful populations of any country are denied access to firearms (among other items) that the end result is a dictatorship — clearly demonstrated by history — and they hope to belong to the… Read more »

tTommy Hawk

I think, at this point in history, anyone who thinks already knew what SIU discovered about the shooter — and are not surprised one bit.

What was surprising was the release of his age almost immediately while denying they knew who he was. That is impossible — if they knew his age, they must have known his name.

It is that type of ‘official avoidance of the truth’ that creates the impression that there is always more known about such an incident than they want to divulge — which raises the obvious question: Why?

Robert Lyman

The Canadian media have reported that the man who is suspected of shooting 15 people in the Danforth area of Toronto over the past weekend was Faisal Hussain, a 29-year-old man that, his family claims, was suffering from mental illness. The overwhelming message being conveyed in the media is that stricter gun controls are needed in Canada. Not one single news source has dared to even imply that these might be the actions of a terrorist, or to connect his actions with the fact that Faisal Hussain is a Muslim immigrant, while a few on social media has posted photographs… Read more »


If Canadian citizens could be armed to protect themselves, this Jihadist would have only gotten a few rounds before someone would have been able to stop him dead instead of seeing more victims. The politicians are not progressive but do exactly the opposite of what needs to be.. they are regressive and agressive toward the law abiding.