VIDEO: John Tory Speaks To Toronto City Council After Danforth Mass Shooting

Brings up “gun control” after earlier saying people shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Toronto Mayor John Tory spoke to City Council about the Danforth Avenue mass shooting.

Notably, Tory immediately turned the conversation to guns, even though guns are highly restricted in Toronto and Canada overall.

Tory’s quick turn to discussing guns is questionable, since he was earlier saying people shouldn’t jump to conclusions in the wake of the shooting.

Tory’s comments can be seen in the video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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No not acceptable . Spencer correctly says that Canada has some of the toughest gun laws in the world. I challenge anyone to test the laws your self to see the near endless courses/ regulations/fees/storage/transport /restrictions when you begin the training and firearms acquisition process. No we have a border problem . The whole discussion is forever intellectually bankrupt .If Tory had any brains he would be asking the feds HOW ARE ALL THESE GUNS GETTING INTO CANADA . We dont make hand guns in Canada ! You dont need decades in law enforcement to know most guns are coming… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

Canada has very rigid gun control laws. Most of the guns on the streets are obtained illegally. I would like to think all law enforcement agencies in the country are concentrating resources on the issue. There certainly appears to be a thriving black market operations offering illegal weapons available for sale. Putting them out of business should be a high priority for all law enforcement agencies. The good news? Canada is still one of the safest countries in the world.


No mention of the effects of stopping the practice of carding. Police are scared to stop a 19 yr old driving a new jacked up SUV with huge wheels that just drove away from a known drug house because the driver would get offended and complain to Tory.

Congratulations, Black Lives Matter, this is on you, assisted by Trudeau’s uncontrolled illegal migration and support of ISIS terrorists.

Carmine Lombardi

Well then the Mayor should take the lead when saying that no one should have a gun in the city by banning those who guard him from carrying a gun.


Will Tory be letting Canadians know if this killer had a PAL, which Gun Club he belonged to and if he was using a registered weapon. Was he another Liberal migrant?


The people that have these guns are buying them illegally on the street or possibly from break and enters. Banning guns for Canadian citizens is wrong, as anyone that has intent to commit these crimes will do so through the purchase of illegal underground markets, OR use a knife, golf club, baseball bat, a motor vehicle, etc. If a sick, crazy deranged individual sets out to murder, whether targeted or on mass, they will do it. All these government officials are doing is taking away our rights one at a time. It’s noted in history that Hitler disarmed the people… Read more »


John Tory is the second emptiest suit in Canada – you all know who wins that. Tory is like a 200 lb. slab of Lite Mozzarella lying on the sidewalk in the sun. Nothing he says means anything. I, personally, can’t understand why or how people become cynical.