CONFUSION: Bill Blair Can’t Seem To Explain What Being “Border Security Minister” Actually Means

It appears the Trudeau government just created an empty position to make it look like they were doing something.

With the Trudeau government facing growing pressure on the illegal border crossing crisis (even though they refuse to use those factual terms to describe the situation), the recent cabinet shuffle featured the creation of a “Border Security Minister.”

Former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair was put into the role.

Details about what the minister would do were scarce from the outset, and a recent hearing with Parliamentarians was seen as a good opportunity for the government to give Canadians more details.

That’s not how it turned out.

One exchange noted by iPolitics between Blair and Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel encapsulates the Trudeau government’s total confusion:

“Will minister Goodale be reporting to you?” she asked.

“No,” Blair replied.

“Will the CBSA be reporting to you?”

“No. I have not received my mandate letters from the prime minister just yet so I cannot speculate on what my role will be.”

Liberal Committee chair MP Rob Oliphant then jumped in, he said, to help Blair get a word in “for the sake of our interpreters,” as Rempel peppered the new minister.

So what’s going on here?

It seems the Trudeau government – which has shown no intention of solving the border crisis – just created a role called “Border Security Minister,” put a former Police Chief in it to make it look legit, and left it at that.

The role appears to have no real power, doesn’t change the responsibilities of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, doesn’t change the responsibilities of Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, and appears to be solely about photo-ops.

It’s about as close to a fake ministry as a government can get, and it shows the Trudeau government’s only concern with the border crisis is how it could impact their chances of being reelected, not the escalating burden it’s putting on the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Eric Blair

Yeah, I was wondering if Regina Ralph lost some of his portfolio to Wild Bill Blair. It looks like it is just for show as in makes it look like you are doing something. Got Butts’ fingerprints all over this fiasco in the making. Wait till something goes more wrong with this border issue and the finger pointing will begin.


At least Michelle Rempel ask the questions we all had on our minds, and now we know, ? nothing still, just another cost for the Canadian taxpayers to cover.for another cabinet minister, to help ? with the other foreign controlled puppets to bring Canada down, what a fake proud bunch of Lieberals/NDP.

S Williston

Another Trudeau ruse to pacify naive Canadians. The Minister of Nothingness, Bill Blair is too arrogant to realize that he has just been set up as a useful idiot for Goodale, Hussen and Trudeau. “When” the invisible border issue reaches volcanic eruption, and it will, all fingers will point squarely at Blair even though Hussen and Goodale will still be steering the ship. To Trudeau et al, Blair is expendable. As Toronto Police Chief, Blair was abysmal, a shameless patsy for leftists, so I cannot say that I feel sorry for him. Trudeau’s politicking will cost we taxpayers for another… Read more »

tTommy Hawk

Anything and everything ‘he’ does, or says is related to getting the Liberal Party re-elected, but has no substance in real life and no benefits for Canadians — the reality of the only reason a government exists — for the benefit of the citizens. That, however, is a concept so foreign the this ego-maniac that there is not possibility he does, or ever could recognize. From his first moment in politics, the government of Canada has been a charade managed and manipulated by ‘those behind the curtains’ — quite like where he goes to be coach on his next faux… Read more »


This phony position jihadi Justin had created for Blair is only to ‘SAVE FACE’ from the mess which he Justin, personally created and by adding Blair a fr. Police officer would indicate that jihadi Justin is doing something. “ALL SHOW NO SUBSTANCE’.

Spencer, check out Imam Tawhidi’s tweets.


They don’t need a fake position – what they need is enforcement of the Canadian Immigration Laws ! Honestly, this dog and pHony show is getting real old and the election just can’t come soon enough.


It is a travesty of justice and democracy that MSM keeps so many people in the dark about the Liberal antics of Beavis and Butthead.