Excessive Focus By Establishment Media On “Mental Health” After Toronto Shooting Raises Questions

Many people have mental health issues. The vast majority don’t murder innocent civilians.

The statement released by Faisal Hussain’s family – which oddly came out at the exact same time Hussain’s name was released by authorities – focused extensively on mental health.

The media has since repeated much of that same language, as is often done after shootings and other terrorizing attacks.

However, this focus on mental health raises some serious questions.

There are many people (likely millions) in Canada who have some sort of mental illness. Some of those illnesses are very serious, and others are more minor.

Yet, the overwhelming majority of people with mental illnesses and mental health issues don’t go out and shoot innocent people.

Most don’t commit terrorist acts.

And that’s the danger of focusing so much on mental health in the wake of something like the Toronto shooting on Danforth.

Clearly it must take a combination of mental health issues, and some sort of radicalizing ideology to push someone to kill innocent people in such a coldly ‘efficient’ manner.

After all, the Quebec Mosque shooter and the “Incel” attacker both seem to have been motivated by an extremist ideology. And of course, someone who is willing to murder innocent people obviously has some mental issues. It is the combination of the two that is most concerning.

It simply common-sense that someone who attacks innocent human beings is not right in the head, but that is not the full story. Something else, added to that, is what we’ve seen time and time again in horrific incidents.

That’s why the angle of Islamist terrorism must be looked into, and must not be suppressed by the establishment media. As Joe Warmington pointed out in the Toronto Sun, sources say the police, CSIS, and the RCMP are looking into Hussain’s past time living in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as potential connections to a pro-ISIS website.

Blaming it all on ‘mental health,’ when there appear to be other real possibilities, only risks further stigmatizing the many Canadians with mental health issues who don’t hurt innocent people (the overwhelming majority), and could be a distraction from what’s really going on here.

Avoiding reality won’t make us any safer. In fact, it will do just the opposite.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ray Decorby

Where is our Clown Prince on this?

Robby Goose

Well said, Spencer! I am married to a very loving, compassionate, super intelligent and highly functional woman who also happens to have a mental disorder. She is bi-polar and would never think of doing harm to anyone – unlike HUSSAIN, the *possibly* radicalized Islamist terrorist, who did!

David Kahn

The statement from the Hussains was beautifully crafted as if from a PR agency. I wonder who prepared it for them.

tTommy Hawk

A public relations agency — paid by the government — this whole situation smells strongly of a well rehearsed Broadway play. And the smell increases with everything the media attempt to twist slightly to fit the script.

Mendl Malkin

Check the Facebook link here:

Australian Imam Tawhidi is a reformist Muslim known for his moderation and liberalism regards Islam. He supports Liberal Democracy and pluralism and modernity.

Subject: Tweet by Imam Tawhidi on Twitter

Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace)

2018-07-23, 23:32

Faisal Hussein was trained to kill. No mental illness. Otherwise name his psychologist/psychiatrist as we need to know who diagnosed him and with what. Watch this video of him:

or, https://www.facebook.com/IIIOECommunity/videos/254122181854997/



This is so true Spencer. There has been a huge push to make it OK and to encourage being mentally ill, and get everyone on these happy pills or the many anti this and that pills and once on them you cannot get off them easily, some thinking people have realized this as well, but this could be books written all by itself, but we all have bad times and good times in our lives this is not mental illness. If we see and focus only on the bad things react as we all do, and then you must get… Read more »

Elina Castro

Agreed. If the authorities insist on calling it a mental health issue, there will be more attacks. Terrorism in form cannot be tolerated. Otherwise, anyone with a grudge who thinks they can get away with it will go on a shooting rampage.
We will not judge Faisal by his mental state or motivations. Only by his actions.
My experiences in Argentina’s Dirty War (1970s) taught me that all extremes are dangerous. Whatever is good and real and true will be found somewhere in the centre.

Norbert Kausen

The political narrative being sent to medias around the world is that there is ‘no apparent connection to terrorism’, yet it is reported that Faisal Hussain visited several ISIS sites on theinternet and had apparently travelled to Afghanistan in the past! There are also reports of possible connections with the Muslim Brotherhood… more information needs to be revealed to paint a more comprehensive picture, but I would hazard a guess that much information will be suppressed so the government can further its anti-gun and illegal migrants/ return of ISIS fighters agenda! The truth WILL come out!


I, for one, am sick an tired of watching news media spin their particular liberalness on everything. We just want the facts not whether some brainless person is mentally ill while they commit a crime especially a well-planned one which was obvious in this case. Draw your own conclusion when pictures plastered all over Facebook show him and his buddies modeling their assault rifles, camo outfits, military gear and close up pictures of their dead fallen idol’s faces to tell the rest of the story. Don’t tell me his parents did not know about this, that’s not reasonable. Not a… Read more »


Well said