He Says Veterans Are Asking For Too Much, But Trudeau Is Giving $100 Million To Foreign Countries To Manage Plastics

The government once again shows where their real priorities lie.

Justin Trudeau has his priorities, and it certainly seems that serving Canadians are not among them.

While the government warns that their ‘fiscal room’ to lower taxes for Canadian businesses is limited because of high budget deficits, and while Trudeau tells Veterans they are asking for too much, it seems the Liberals are still able to find money to throw around overseas.

Here’s what the Environment Canada account tweeted on July 23, 2018:

“#DYK? 🇨🇦 has dedicated $100M to developing countries to prevent plastic from entering oceans, collect shoreline debris and better manage existing plastic resources #PlasticsCharter #BeatPlasticPollution @g7”



How can the government justify this expense? If we don’t have enough taxpayer money to keep promises to our Veterans, if we can’t help our businesses compete with the tax environment in other countries, and if we already have big budget deficits and rising debt, how can we possibly afford to give away $100 million to foreign countries to deal with ‘plastics’?

As I’ve said before, it should be a no-brainer that taxpayer dollars are spent serving the Canadian people, instead of being given away overseas.

If individual Canadians, or voluntary organizations wish to help causes outside of Canada, that’s great, and people should be free to do what they want with their own money.

But when the government forces us to give them money through taxes, there must be an obligation to keep that money in Canada, rather than give it away to other countries. Those countries should look after their own needs, and our country should look after ours.

Once again, we see that the priorities of the Trudeau government are completely upside down.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Trudeau is a little Wessel! Can’t stand him! He is the worst mistake in the history of Canada.

Ron Voss

Considering all the malfeasance by the Trudeau regime it is baffling that a recent poll shows 39% support for the Liberals and 32% for the Tories. The consequence of indoctrination by the leftist media or general apathy?

Eric Blair

Obvious to me… not enough people reading Spencer’s commentary. Hardly anyone I know has ever heard of this website let alone what Trudeau is really up to. I try to educate them and all I get back is “oh, your so informed”. I tell them to get their information from other sources other than the CBC.
Spencer, maybe you can give us loyal readers hints on how to get the information out to get more people in tune to what is really happening. Just a thought.

Glen Aldridge

Couldn’t agree more Fernando. Canada used to be a shining example of what was right & wrong in the world & now we are just a laughing stock because of the stupidity of our Government.


We are under foreign control, not Liberal, but Liebera UN/Soros Clintons = one world order, Canadians still have not realized this because so is most of our media. Never mind that a lot of people still think this is a conspiracy theory, that Canada has lots of money(which it should have). That supposedly we gave more money away to foreign countries, that we cannot afford, with no real details as usual with foreign control puppets running Canada, where did our tax dollars actually go?


why not money for Canada for plastics we could sure use help here never mind other countries can’t someone stop him spending our monies to outside of Canada


Not unlike himself, that Global Citizen appears to have but one tool in the drawer which he consistently relies on. Yet amazingly, keeps using it in spite of the obvious, even when seeing the aftermath and being warned of such repeatedly. Whereas, some with more common sense intrinsically know that if you continue using the wrong ‘tool’, say vise-grips to try and fix everything, it will eventually and without question become so unfix-able that it will inevitably require major overhaul. Perhaps this is a step in the direction his handlers have devised. The Hegelian dialectic here is: Continue a cloaked… Read more »


Trudeau and the liberals in Ottawa are not fulfilling their mandate to Canadians. We are at the point where we will have to revolt because there is no rationale for those outrageous donations overseas. Canada is in deep debt and many Canadians are lacking resources such as veterans not getting what they were promised, seniors receiving a paltry pension. The maximum CPP is $1,100 something a month and only about 5% receive the maximum. Most receive $600 a month. I would like to know who can live on such a low amount. Even with the additional subsidy of Old Age… Read more »


This money is probably going to the Philippines. Remember.. Canada sent a barge or two, there, to dispose of our plastic. Unfortunately Canada also sent our raw garbage. Remember, we had to bring it back…or ? Not sure where it ended up.
But I definitely agree.. keep our money in our Country. Stop pledging it out. We cannot afford it!
“Canadian veterans…are asking more than we can afford to give”.
Trudeau is giving away more money to outside our Country, than Canadians can afford to pay.


Andrew needs to debate this issue with num nuts, no money for veterans but a 100 million for plastic, Trudeau will go down in history as the most inept, incompetent and dysfunctional man , I mean personkind in Canadian history.

susan zomar

100% agree. More people watching question period in the HOC. That will get them interested especially the one you suggested

Brian Dougan

Take a good look at the lead photo that accompanies this article. This “man” cannot even pretend to be the prime minister of Canada. Think about some of the great statesmen who have occupied that office; men who helped forge this country. Men of distinction; men of history. Think of the great tradition of the British parliamentary system, and our shared common law. Now look at the mental midget we’ve got occupying the office of former prime ministers Laurier; St. Laurent; John A Macdonald…. What a sick joke. What a travesty. The “Right Honorable” Justine Turdeau??? I’m going to be… Read more »


I agree with Eric Blair. Spencer is it possible that you could be a guest on talk shows and expose just how Trudeau is muzzling Canadians and let us know just what he is up to.