NANOS POLL: Conservatives & Liberals Tied

The Nanos Poll usually shows the Liberals with the lead, even when other polls had shown the Conservatives ahead.

A new Nanos Poll shows the Conservatives and Liberals tied, while the NDP continues to lag far behind.

Here are the key numbers:

The Conservatives have 35.9%, the Liberals have 35.8%, while the NDP are at 19%.

The Bloc continues their slide towards irrelevancy at just 2%, while the Greens have 6.1% support.

When it comes to the choice for “preferred Prime Minister,” Trudeau leads with 41%, Scheer follows with 25%, and Singh is at just 6%, tied with Elizabeth May.

Notably however, the long-term trend for Trudeau has been downward, while Scheer has slowly risen over time.

The poll also compared how many Canadians are willing to ‘consider’ voting for each party:

51.8% say they are willing to consider voting Liberal, compared to 50.1% who are willing to consider voting Conservative.

The ‘consider’ numbers for the NDP are far worse. Just 41% would consider voting for the NDP, while 49% won’t consider it. Those numbers will add to the growing doubts about Jagmeet Singh’s leadership, as his time helming the party has seen them get crushed in byelections, struggle to raise money, and languish in the polls.

Overall, we’re seeing a trend in the polls of a narrow race between the Conservatives and Liberals. While the Liberals have received a temporary boost in other polls from the trade fight with the US, there are clearly many Canadians willing to consider throwing the Liberals out of office, and the Conservatives have the chance to make Trudeau a one-term PM.

Still, much more must be done to expose Trudeau’s failures, and the establishment media will do everything possible to protect him as the election grows nearer. It will not be easy.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube