REPORT: 10-Year-Old Victim Of Toronto Shooting Identified

Toronto Police say Julianna Kozis died in the Danforth Avenue mass shooting.

In a release, Toronto Police shared the identity of the 10-year-old girl killed in the Toronto mass shooting.

Julianna Kozis was from Markham.

Police say “her family has requested privacy during their time of grief.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Toronto Police Service

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Heart breaking.

Ron Voss

Heartbreaking and the ‘progressive’ Mayor of Toronto is quick to use this tragedy to push his progressive aganda of banning handguns. When will the people of Canada wake up?

Elaine Teichgraber

My heart breaks for her family. So senseless. An evil ideology actively encouraged by the Trudeau Liberals. We will not forget.

Norbert Kausen

My most heart-felt, sincerest condolences to the poor family!!!


Canada will be a different country without Julianna and her potential contributions. This is what the preaching of misogyny gets you as a society. I have a 10 year old girl and I can’t imagine how life ruining and devastating this would be. But Trudeau and his ilk think that she is a reasonable sacrifice for his multiculturalism mindset.

alan skelhorne

so very sad that this happening in our country.
thank you very much king trudeau, october can,t come soon enough.