Report: Man Arrested On Parliament Hill Yells At Judge In Court Appearance

A pocket knife was found close to where Mooney was arrested.

Jesse Mooney, the man arrested on Parliament Hill after a “security incident” during the Changing of the Guard ceremony, made an appearance in court.

It didn’t go well.

According to reports, Mooney yelled at the judge, and “demanded his lawyer be fired.”

Mooney was in court for an alleged incident that took place the day before the Parliament Hill incident.

As for what happened on Parliament Hill, witnesses said Mooney ran across a safety barrier during the ceremony. Police arrested him. Nobody was hurt.

A small pocket-knife was later found close to where Mooney had been arrested.

He faces charges of assault and breaching his probation.

Mooney has been ordered get psychiatric help.

Footage of his arrest on Parliament Hill can be seen below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I guess people are loosing their common sense? What would be the point of running at a guard? This is as silly as when people pull knives or guns on police every one from a child on knows they are armed and will shoot you or if they can take it off you, arrest you. These guards and police are here to help us all, and protect us, why would someone attack them? Are we becoming this radicalized by the Lieberal/NDP?


The NDP/liberals should be outlawed only conservatives shall rule the country.