REPORT: Trudeau Government Considering Banning Handguns

We know that criminals will simply ignore the law and acquire guns, while law-abiding citizens will have more restrictions placed upon them.

As the Trudeau government and establishment media repeatedly attempt to avoid talking about the possibility of Islamist terrorism in connection with Toronto shooting on Danforth, they aren’t wasting any time considering proposals to place more restrictions on law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

According to the Globe & Mail, “the Trudeau government is prepared to consider a proposal to ban handguns.” 

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said such a change would mean a “significant remodeling of the Criminal Code.”

When asked about gun ban proposals, Goodale added “A number of groups and organizations made representations to that effect earlier this year. I said that we would be prepared to consider their arguments and we will do that.”

Goodale’s comments can be seen below:

Notably, he did not reject the idea of a handgun ban.

Of course, as we saw with the failed gun registry, we know exactly how this would turn out: Criminals would keep getting handguns illegally, while law-abiding people would become criminalized and have more and more restrictions placed upon them.

Ironically, newly appointed “border security minister” Bill Blair said “I am familiar with the way in which people intent on criminal and violent criminal activities can at times obtain handguns both legally and illegally, and overwhelmingly they do it in an illegal fashion.”

So, if criminals are overwhelmingly getting handguns illegally, a handgun ban will simply mean fewer guns in the hands of law-abiding people. As a result, the ratio of criminals with handguns to law-abiding Canadians with handguns will increase, which certainly seems like an odd way to fix a problem.

But, it would be the ‘perfect’ solution for the Liberals. They would get to expand the bureaucracy, take more freedom away from Canadians, increase government power, and act like they were doing ‘something.’

The fact that it wouldn’t do any good would be irrelevant to the government, as long as they could score some political points.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Moe S.

Is anyone else getting the feeling all this talk about ‘handgun ban’ is to distract Canadians from the real issue of this shooters family history and background? FUREY, has reported the following: The contact for the Hussain family is a professional activist who has reportedly committed himself to “framing a new narrative of Muslims in Canada” and creating a “national movement.” The polished statement was released by Mohammed Hashim on behalf of the Hussain family. Hashim is a full-time organizer for the Toronto & York Region Labour Council and a driving force behind the National Council of Canadian Muslims. His… Read more »


Another time for the Canadian people to call our governments stupid in their outlook and statements. Goodale and Blair is only repeating what their leader wants said on the problem! With Goodale experience and many years of representing the people, it obvious he been castersted and has no balls and just wants to ride off into the sunset. The gun register did not work as governments wanted it to fail! Give this some thought, I know people who has had guns passed down from the Great Grandfathers, Grandfathers, Fathers, Brothers and from both sides of the family and has accumlated… Read more »

John Glenn Ellis

Good fake statement. Here is the problem with your statement made up of fake information that there is no varifiable source. 1) Guns handed down by grandpa are not modern firearms. FACT the firearms used are modern weapons like a magazine feed Glock pistol. Not the grandpa era revolver. 2) We have a huge in controlled border that has firearms smuggled across it daily as we have no border enforcement presence away from the border crossings. FACT Customs Border Security Agency is restricted to ports of entry. You will not find them driving walking or monitoring points along the border.… Read more »

Bradley Holdner

I propose a ban on Liberals ridiculous statements, what say you?

Norbert Kausen

I propose a ban on the Lberals!!!


I second this


Thank you Liberals – thank you for considering a “ban” on hand guns for “law abiding citizens” — wow… now all those innocent people can stand in front of these criminals that were able to acquire THEIR GUNS through the illegal black market and be shot point blank and unable to have any opportunity to defend themselves OR their property. This is total BS – BANNING GUNS TO RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUALS IS PUTTING OUR LIVES AT RISK. Ask Mayor Tory and et al to walk around anywhere in this city unescorted without armed security detail…. ENOUGH SAID !!

Norbert Kausen

Well said, Diane! You know he would never do that. It is just like when Chretien’s Liberal government cancelled our much needed helicopters, with Lloyd Axworthy,the Defence Minister saying our old, decrepit, falling- apart Sea Kings, were still perfectly good, even as they were falling out of the sky and then Lloyd Axworthy, the Defence Minister refusing to fly on those very helicopters, when he visited our sailors on exercise in the Caribbean. He flew on American Sea Hawks instead! I was serving in the army at that time and remember it well!


That’s already the case, unfortunately. An RPAL is very tough to get, requires a very invasive background check going back 5 years (your whole life if bill C-71 passes) and requires info on pretty much every relationship you’ve ever had, if you’ve ever been fired or had a bad breakup ect. Every 24 hours. For a handgun. Which no one can legally take out of their home without an ATT (Authorization To Transport). An ATT only allows a RPAL holder to transport their firearm to a and from a registered range if the route is “reasonably direct”. We are already… Read more »

Dave Bainard

Maybe they’ll want to ban vans and U-hauls in busy urban areas while they’re at it.


Wasn’t there a law that was something like, if you got caught with an illegal gun, you automatically faced a prison term, but if you used that gun in a crime it was life in prison? or is that something I heard when we had common sense? But since we are short over 50 (fifty) judges? (hard to find Lieberal judges) and now the law is that if your case is not tried in 25 months provincially or 30 months superior court from charges you get a free walk, so we really have a lottery law, you may win your… Read more »

Ed Peebles

Why Doesn’t He try something that might work , Build an electric Fence along the Border!


Brian Dougan

Ralph Goo-dale huh? These unwise; blind politicians are so very tiresome. I don’t even shake my head at them anymore. It’s all about political correctness; It’s George Orwell’s “1984” madness on cocaine. Mark my words: It’s all going to come crashing down on our heads. That’s right–our heads; not theirs. The piper will be paid. Gun “control” is just one head on this gum-on-one’s shoe socialist liberal party Hydra. Chop off one head; two more grow in its place.


This has everything to do with the UN small arms treaty that Trudeau has previously endorsed. But of course the state can still possess hand guns. This eventually leads to democide which is the largest cause of human death in the last three centuries. Never mind the definition of tyranny, what is legal for the government, is illegal for the citizen. This event is not a good enough reason to take my right to self defense, instead, consider it the price we pay for freedom. For empirical evidence look to gun free cities such as Chicago or Baltimore. We really… Read more »


This was coming from the libs LONG before groper boy got in.

Douglas Bailey

Handguns are already banned, and there has been a handgun registry. So how has that worked out?
This guy was a criminal with a mental health past. Charges of gun violence already known and still he had a gun. How is that possible?
Do you really think passing another ban is going to prevent this from happening again? Of course not.

It’s just smoke and mirrors supported by the Liberals to somehow garner votes. How does that work?
It’s just insane. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is a true sign of insanity.

Bill Smith

Handguns are already banned? That .45 ACP I legally own should be ashamed of itself. The AR-15 DPS Panther just chimed in, saying not to worry, liberals are all virtue signalling and no action. My 12 gauge shotgun is taking a nap, have to get his opinion on this later.

Mike Rodgers

What would help quickly, change laws, caught with illegal gun, short court case automatic 1 year in jail. Second offence quick tracked trail to 5 years in jail. Using illegal gun automatic 10 years in jail. All terms without parole offered.
Fast track means caught on Monday lawyer up on Tuesday court case Wednesday lawyers has no argument you had an illegal gun, in jail Thursday. Appoint special judges to fast track this.

Elizabeth Thorne

1989-Marc Lepine aka Gamil Gharbi, son of Algerian immigrant, shoots and kills 14 women, wounds 10 other women and four men at Ecole Polytechnique.–Canada changes its gun laws. 2018 Muslim shoots 15 people kills 2 innocents.–time for more changes to gun control. Maybe, just maybe, Canadians need a massive change at the top. 2019.

tTommy Hawk

This, to anyone who has any knowledge whatever of the Liberal governments from 1969 through to today, is no surprise. It is, in fact, exactly what I have predicted since that time and, as with each of the preceding Liberal governments, a ‘situation’ suddenly took place, with the media beating the drum and every Liberal M.P., unable to get public attention for anything constructive, had their chance to get their name in the media — this is no more nor less than a repeat performance. In fact, it would not surprise me on whit to discover that this government was… Read more »


So well said Tommy, and again Spencer thank you.

Ni Allonby

I am so sick and tired of the “Trudeau election promises” that they feel have to get fulfilled so he can save political face when he gets his UN appointment and be able to say “I did what I promised”. No matter how awful and terrible his promises are to the fabric of Canada, the moral compass of the country, and the truth. Open borders is a terrible idea, and encourages crime (illegals). Being soft on crime encourages crime, no consequences. Gathering evidence of terrorist activity instead of positive action encourages crime (terrorism). Crime and illegal people (and I’m not… Read more »

Seamus O'Donnell

Here we go again. A guy illegally acquired a gun, kills innocent people and the legal owners are punished. Why were so many shot? Because we don’t have concealed carry in Canada. The guys brother was a gangbanger and the likely supplier. Yet the law abiding Canadian who participates in shooting sports suffers the rath of the earth muffins.


How about banning Jihadists and ISIS? What a bunch of knobs trying to demonize law-abiding firearms owners. Loser liberals.

Connie Cattle

C-71 How convenient was this attack to push this ban on handguns and it just seems way to convenient. Also what has legal gun ownership got to do with illegally obtained guns and people with mental disorders being in possession of them. No one is banning vans or trucks to stop attacks. Also, we have been inclusive to people who do these attacks yet they are still happening all across Canada so why should we be treating these criminals with special concessions anymore. If they had to abide by the same standards as Canadians who were here prior to Trudeau’s… Read more »


Ralph Goodale has had his head up his own ass on the Public Safety portfolio since day 1 of his appointment by Darth Vader.
How many days until the election?


Will armed security still be armed for the elites? And they live in secure homes with good walls and armed guards. Encourage friends and family to vote in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Answer to a Safe Canada is Not Only Banning Guns, but Banning the Criminal Liberal Government. With Safe Immigration – NO OPEN BORDERS – NOT allowing all the Garbage that is Entering our Country, Canadians will have Canada Back! When President Trump applies 25% Tariffs on Our Steel because of Safety Concerns to the U.S., He knows what he is talking about. I Hope that Canadians Wake up and FORCE the Liberal Government to Resign ASAP! All Liberals in Jihadi Justin’s Party are Criminal, have committed TREASON, and do NOT Care about Canadians. If these MP’s had Morals and… Read more »