REPORT: Trudeau Government Considering Banning Handguns

We know that criminals will simply ignore the law and acquire guns, while law-abiding citizens will have more restrictions placed upon them.

As the Trudeau government and establishment media repeatedly attempt to avoid talking about the possibility of Islamist terrorism in connection with Toronto shooting on Danforth, they aren’t wasting any time considering proposals to place more restrictions on law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

According to the Globe & Mail, “the Trudeau government is prepared to consider a proposal to ban handguns.” 

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said such a change would mean a “significant remodeling of the Criminal Code.”

When asked about gun ban proposals, Goodale added “A number of groups and organizations made representations to that effect earlier this year. I said that we would be prepared to consider their arguments and we will do that.”

Goodale’s comments can be seen below:

Notably, he did not reject the idea of a handgun ban.

Of course, as we saw with the failed gun registry, we know exactly how this would turn out: Criminals would keep getting handguns illegally, while law-abiding people would become criminalized and have more and more restrictions placed upon them.

Ironically, newly appointed “border security minister” Bill Blair said “I am familiar with the way in which people intent on criminal and violent criminal activities can at times obtain handguns both legally and illegally, and overwhelmingly they do it in an illegal fashion.”

So, if criminals are overwhelmingly getting handguns illegally, a handgun ban will simply mean fewer guns in the hands of law-abiding people. As a result, the ratio of criminals with handguns to law-abiding Canadians with handguns will increase, which certainly seems like an odd way to fix a problem.

But, it would be the ‘perfect’ solution for the Liberals. They would get to expand the bureaucracy, take more freedom away from Canadians, increase government power, and act like they were doing ‘something.’

The fact that it wouldn’t do any good would be irrelevant to the government, as long as they could score some political points.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube