BACK TO WORK: Ford Government Ends York University Strike

If the radical-left socialist NDP had won the election, the strike would have gone on and on and on.

The five month strike at York University is over.

The Ford government has passed the “Urgent Priorities Act,” which has back-to-work legislation ending the strike.

Both the PCs and the tiny Liberal remnant voted for the legislation, while the radical-left NDP voted against it.

Doug Ford tweeted about it:

“Our government’s first piece of legislation has passed. The Urgent Priorities Act will begin restoring accountability at Hydro One, terminate an inefficient wind energy project, and put students first by ending the strike at York University. Promises made, promises kept.”

Ford government Labour Minister Laurie Scott said “It’s not about the union, it’s not about the university, it’s about the students. The strike has more than run its course. It’s time to get these students back to class.”

Predictably, NDP leader Andrea Horwath criticized the move:

“This initial move sends a signal that if the government’s not happy with the process of negotiations, they’re prepared to bring the big hammer of legislation forward. And that’s never a good thing. What the government needs to do is fund our universities properly. Instead they’ve trampled on the rights of these workers, and we’ll see whether they end up going to court as a result of that.”

Of course, Horwath would never have ended the strike. The NDP had said they would never use back-to-work legislation to end strikes, meaning the York University strike could have gone on indefinitely – totally screwing over all the students there.

That radical-left ideology on strikes is a big reason why the NDP was beaten, as Ontarians weren’t fans of the idea of endless strikes crippling the provincial economy and services.

The strong and decisive action being taken by the Ford government shows how important the election was. Ontario avoided a huge disaster by making sure the radical NDP socialists didn’t win.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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