Ford Government Introduces Legislation To Formally End Cap & Trade Carbon Tax

“The average Ontario family will receive $260 in annual savings thanks to the elimination of the cap-and-trade carbon tax,” said the Ontario government.

The Ford government has introduced legislation to officially end the cap & trade carbon tax.

The government has already revoked the cap and trade carbon tax regulation, and ended programs that were funded through the tax.

It continues the Ford government’s successful keeping of campaign promises.

Here’s what the government said in a release:

“The average Ontario family will receive $260 in annual savings thanks to the elimination of the cap-and-trade carbon tax. 

Today Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Rod Phillips announced details of legislation that would, if passed, formally end the cap-and-trade carbon tax era in Ontario.

The orderly wind down of the cap-and-trade carbon tax is a key step towards fulfilling the government’s commitment to reducing gas prices by 10 cents per litre.  In addition to saving families money, the elimination of the cap-and-trade carbon tax will remove a cost burden from Ontario businesses, allowing them to grow, create jobs and compete around the world.

The government’s announced legislation will include a plan to compensate eligible participants of the program, including the development of new regulations. Participants eligible for compensation will be required to meet the following criteria:

  • Participants who were required to participate in the cap and trade program
  • Participants whose accumulated costs are currently above and beyond their assessed emissions
  • Participants who did not pass program costs down to consumers.

The proposed legislation will also include measures to help replace the cap-and-trade carbon tax with a better plan for achieving real environmental goals.

Quick Facts

  • The Province revoked the cap-and-trade carbon tax regulation and prohibited all trading of emission allowances effective July 3, 2018.

  • All programs currently funded through the cap-and-trade carbon tax have been cancelled, including the immediate wind down of the Green Ontario Fund.

  • The average Ontario household will save about $260 a year in energy and fuel costs, and indirect costs from increased prices on goods and services.”

It’s quite a rare and refreshing change to see a government actually keeping their promises.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This must have Trudeau taking a hissy fit, nice move Doug.


With Ford come all the good news! God bless him and his family!

Al B

Ford seems to be the only politician with Courage , intellect , wisdom and drive . He has persevered for the people , giving us hope . He will accomplish more than others because he has a heart for Canadians!


All Taxpayers of Ontario must be Very Thankful and Happy for having elected Doug Ford. He, unlike former Premiers and unlike the PM of this Once Wonderful Canada, Premier Ford is keeping all his Promises and acting on his Promises ASAP. Doug Ford is and will be working “For the People” of Ontario. We are very Proud to have Premier Ford as Premier of this once Great Province. We know that with a Conservative Government and Doug Ford at the Helm, Ontario will once again be a Great and Prosperous Province. Thank-you Premier Ford. Because of you and your Conservative… Read more »

tTommy Hawk


MORE political decisions that benefit the taxpayers?

This is amazing — something like living in a ‘new era.’ Who wudda thought?

This proves that: “TOSS THE TRASH” actually has immediate benefits — WOW

Robby Goose

” a better plan for achieving real environmental goals.”
I’m all for scrapping the carbon tax, on board with Ford but, what’s the “better plan”?