REPORT: Source Says Gun Used By Faisal Hussain Was Illegally Obtained & From The US

Those who tried demonizing law-abiding Canadian gun owners now look like fools.

As I recently discussed in a YouTube video, some politicians disgracefully used the Toronto mass shooting attack as an excuse to try and demonize law-abiding Canadian gun owners:

Now, those who pushed that disgraceful demonization look like total fools.

A new report notes that “CP24 safety specialist Cam Woolley says a police source has told him the semi-automatic handgun used in the shooting is illegal in Canada and was originally from the United States. American authorities are helping track the gun’s exact origin.”

So, it seems the problem wasn’t law-abiding gun owners, and was instead criminals who ignored the gun laws already on the books.

What a surprise…

It is absolutely absurd that some politicians tried shifting blame onto Canadian gun owners who are following the law. That is the least logical place to look when it comes to dealing with what happened.

Ironically, the same politicians who want open borders, ended carding, and try to weaken the police are the ones who are putting blame on Canadians who follow the law.

And worse, they’re ignoring something that is increasingly being reported as a possible link to the Toronto attack: Radical Islamist terrorism.

Frankly, it’s sad, pathetic, and dangerous when our ‘leaders’ ignore real threats while trying to demonize and blame the very Canadians who are most diligent about following the laws and keeping Canada safe.

Spencer Fernando

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