REPORT: Source Says Gun Used By Faisal Hussain Was Illegally Obtained & From The US

Those who tried demonizing law-abiding Canadian gun owners now look like fools.

As I recently discussed in a YouTube video, some politicians disgracefully used the Toronto mass shooting attack as an excuse to try and demonize law-abiding Canadian gun owners:

Now, those who pushed that disgraceful demonization look like total fools.

A new report notes that “CP24 safety specialist Cam Woolley says a police source has told him the semi-automatic handgun used in the shooting is illegal in Canada and was originally from the United States. American authorities are helping track the gun’s exact origin.”

So, it seems the problem wasn’t law-abiding gun owners, and was instead criminals who ignored the gun laws already on the books.

What a surprise…

It is absolutely absurd that some politicians tried shifting blame onto Canadian gun owners who are following the law. That is the least logical place to look when it comes to dealing with what happened.

Ironically, the same politicians who want open borders, ended carding, and try to weaken the police are the ones who are putting blame on Canadians who follow the law.

And worse, they’re ignoring something that is increasingly being reported as a possible link to the Toronto attack: Radical Islamist terrorism.

Frankly, it’s sad, pathetic, and dangerous when our ‘leaders’ ignore real threats while trying to demonize and blame the very Canadians who are most diligent about following the laws and keeping Canada safe.

Spencer Fernando

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We have known this since the last try Liberals made, the long gun registry at billions of dollars to law abiding Canadians, but again that had nothing to do with these illegal guns. It used to be that if you were drunk that our laws did not apply if you committed crimes and criminals used that, now it is mental health, and believe me criminals use this, just get a mental health record and there is very little or no jail time just some treatment in a psychiatric hospitals locked ward and drugs. It is so sad the state of… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

I hope Toronto voters know enough to kick Tory and Trudeau to the curb when the time comes. There’s no way Canadians and Torontonians can tolerate the total lack empathy they have for their constituents.

Norbert Kausen

That would be NO surprise! It is what we could expect, considering it WAS a terrorist attack!

David MacKAY

This was to be expected.
ISIS has taken credit for the attack. Mr. Hussein is a radicalized Muslim – and as such ISIS returnees are active in motivating Jihadist events and supplying illegal firearms, training and motivation.

tTommy Hawk

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS SOCIAL SUICIDE This whole situation has an ‘odour’ that grows more more pungent as time passes and the ‘authorities’ attempt to convince the public of something that is rapidly becoming all too obvious to anyone. In simply language it is fair to say that this has the makings of a ‘well-planned incident’ in order to support the government and media’s cries for banning handguns and fails to recognize one inescapable truth. That truth is that: “There are only two dangerous weapons in the world. The first is suspended neatly between your ears and the second is positioned… Read more »