Trudeau Had A Lot To Say After ‘Hijab Hoax,’ Yet Has Said Very Little After Toronto Mass Shooting Attack

Both the Trudeau government and much of the media seem more interested in advancing/suppressing a particular narrative, than in taking a true leadership role following the horrific events in Toronto.

We all remember how quickly Justin Trudeau reacted to an incident in which someone allegedly cut off the Hijab of a young girl in Toronto.

Trudeau expressed immediate outrage, cast blame on basically all of Canadian society, and through comments on video – followed by comments from numerous government ministers – turned the story into an international sensation.

Of course, it was then revealed to have been fake, hence why it is now called the ‘hijab hoax.’

Yet, Trudeau and the other virtue-signalling politicians never apologized for the aspersions he cast on many Canadians.

This is relevant today because of the contrast between how rapidly and forcefully Trudeau responded to the ‘hijab hoax,’ and how different his response to the Toronto mass shooting attack has been.

In the case of the ‘hijab hoax,’ Trudeau responded within minutes, and the response was aggressive and sustained.

Following a much worse event – an event that had loss of life and actually took place – Trudeau has been very quiet.

He made some comments on Twitter and in a government press release, and has so far been quiet otherwise.

In face, he’s even been taking ‘personal days’ amid one of the worst mass shootings (and potentially a terrorist attack), that Canada has ever seen.

And Canadians can’t help but wonder if this is because the idea of a jihadist attack doesn’t fit within Trudeau’s narrative that casts any criticism of radical Islamism as “Islamophobia.”

He was quick to try and torque the ‘hijab hoax’ to fit his narrative, but as the facts get in the way of early attempts to demonize law-abiding Canadian gun owners, it seems he has very little to say.

That’s not leadership, and it’s not what Canada needs.

As I recently said, Trudeau is failing a test of leadership:

“Trudeau is failing a test of leadership, & failing miserably. Another personal day? Even with no new information, a national leader should speak publicly, address the anger many people are feeling, pledge to take action to keep Canadians safe, and be present while Canada mourns.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Personal days? The sob is grieving the loss if a jihadist.


Trudeau won’t call out radical Islam (the religion of peace) because he and his brother are Muslims sympathizers and are deeply involved with the Muslims Brother hood. He doesn’t want to make waves with his voter base. The worst mistake in the history of Canada was to elect Justin Trudeau for PM. He hate Canada and old stock Canadians. Puts laws in to protect Islam and hurt the rest of Canada.


Last year when asked about his open borders immigration strategy Trudeau said ” the very concept of a nation by European settlers is offensive to me .Old stock white Canadians are an unpleasant relic,and quite frankly replaceable.And we will replace them.

Guess who we will replace next year .


Therefore the only solution is to vote out the Liberals and their stuffed shirt PM

Doug Maenpaa

Yes but, Canadians elected this bum in the first place….Canadians are complacent ant not very smart.

They are “blown away” by CBC propaganda, every time.

don morris

Yes.Well said.


UN Lieberal/NDP one world open boarders= no Canada caused all this extra crime in Canada, what can they do or say if they want their agenda to continue, any thing they say is fake anyway, they want us to try and stop thema, so they and their criminal friends can call us all the names they should be calling themselves, in fact they are responsible for this crime and many others, all of them should be locked up if we really want to be truthful, we know they are traitors to Canada and now starting to have us murdered, as… Read more »

occupant 9

Everyone else ducking from gunfire were Islamophobes, apparently.

Ron Voss

And after the mosque attack in Quebec City all kinds of memorial events, Trudeau in tears and calls for a Remembrance Day.


Taxation (-) representation (=) tyranny.
Rinse, repeat.
Taxation (-) representation (=) tyranny.
Rinse, repeat.
Taxation (-) representation (=) tyranny.
Rinse, repeat.
( ( ( ( ( ( echo ) ) ) ) ) )

Any questions?

Glen Aldridge

Of course Trudeau is silent because he stated that he would accept responsibility for any Muslim attack causing death & or injury to Canadians. Well, where are your consequences? Just where is your acceptance? Just more B.S. out of your mouth.


What source do you have that he would accept responsiblity for the attacks? I’d love to read that! Thanks.

Al B

Trudeau does not respect Canada or its people. He’s a failure a disgrace as a Leader .
He owes these families, he created this mess in our Country. He needs to be removed ! Now ! The Governor General needs to remove this biased twisted unqualified leader .

Mack Thrasher

For those who would punish responsible gun owners I suggest if you are for that then you must also ban vehicles and rented vans, so that the crazy’s and terrorists cannot use them to kill people as they did in Europe and Toronto.


Right on Mack, but that would be common sense, and a hate crime, only criminals can have guns illegal ones and if they live, they get an out of jail card free, but law abiding gun owners too bad.


He’s basically in hiding. Cant face the music. There are only so many lines he can memorize in a few days and he doesnt like any of them.

Doug Maenpaa

One things for sure, Trudeau isnt saying quite the number of stupid things lately, as he did before.

Someone took him aside and read him the “riot act” ?

Lloyd Penner

I sure wish the conservatives could field a solid, strong leader.
I will hold my nose and vote for them next year but damm.
Won’t someone stand up?