Trudeau Had A Lot To Say After ‘Hijab Hoax,’ Yet Has Said Very Little After Toronto Mass Shooting Attack

Both the Trudeau government and much of the media seem more interested in advancing/suppressing a particular narrative, than in taking a true leadership role following the horrific events in Toronto.

We all remember how quickly Justin Trudeau reacted to an incident in which someone allegedly cut off the Hijab of a young girl in Toronto.

Trudeau expressed immediate outrage, cast blame on basically all of Canadian society, and through comments on video – followed by comments from numerous government ministers – turned the story into an international sensation.

Of course, it was then revealed to have been fake, hence why it is now called the ‘hijab hoax.’

Yet, Trudeau and the other virtue-signalling politicians never apologized for the aspersions he cast on many Canadians.

This is relevant today because of the contrast between how rapidly and forcefully Trudeau responded to the ‘hijab hoax,’ and how different his response to the Toronto mass shooting attack has been.

In the case of the ‘hijab hoax,’ Trudeau responded within minutes, and the response was aggressive and sustained.

Following a much worse event – an event that had loss of life and actually took place – Trudeau has been very quiet.

He made some comments on Twitter and in a government press release, and has so far been quiet otherwise.

In face, he’s even been taking ‘personal days’ amid one of the worst mass shootings (and potentially a terrorist attack), that Canada has ever seen.

And Canadians can’t help but wonder if this is because the idea of a jihadist attack doesn’t fit within Trudeau’s narrative that casts any criticism of radical Islamism as “Islamophobia.”

He was quick to try and torque the ‘hijab hoax’ to fit his narrative, but as the facts get in the way of early attempts to demonize law-abiding Canadian gun owners, it seems he has very little to say.

That’s not leadership, and it’s not what Canada needs.

As I recently said, Trudeau is failing a test of leadership:

“Trudeau is failing a test of leadership, & failing miserably. Another personal day? Even with no new information, a national leader should speak publicly, address the anger many people are feeling, pledge to take action to keep Canadians safe, and be present while Canada mourns.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube