Trudeau’s Border Security Minister Looks Like A Fake Job

Bill Blair doesn’t even know what his job is.

The Trudeau government’s new “Border Security Minister” appears to be a fake job.

It seems that nobody reports to the “border security minister” Bill Blair, and he has no authority over any part of the government.

The responsibilities of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale remain the same.

And remember, the Trudeau government spent weeks trying to demonize any Canadian who said there was a problem with illegal border crossers at the border, before creating the new ministerial position.

It’s becoming clear that “Border Security Minister” is really a fake job, meant to give the appearance of action, while the crisis goes unsolved.

Of course, there’s one way in which the job is very real. Since ministerial positions have a higher salary, there will be a real cost to Canadian taxpayers of tens of thousands of dollars.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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