ANOTHER “PERSONAL” DAY: In Wake Of Toronto Mass Shooting, Justin Trudeau Shows Total Absence Of Leadership

If he doesn’t want to do the job when the going gets tough, he should quit.

As Canada deals with the shock and sorrow following the Toronto mass shooting attack (which is increasingly looking like it was a terrorist attack), Justin Trudeau is taking “personal days.”

He’s taken repeated “personal days,” skipping out on his job when national leadership is needed most.

Trudeau Personal Day Toronto

“Personal” means “vacation”

While Canada is dealing with a horrible attack, Justin Trudeau is on vacation.

That was confirmed by reporter Laura Stone:

“I’ve asked PMO twice if will be visiting the in the wake of the . The response is, “We’ll keep you posted.” Mr. Trudeau is currently in B.C. on vacation

Trudeau is sending the clear message that he doesn’t see the Toronto shooting as important enough to stop his vacation, come to Toronto, and make his presence felt.

This contrasts with his response to the ‘Hijab Hoax,’ where he dropped everything, made a statement on camera, turned the story into an international sensation, and demonized Canadians as “islamophobic.”

But when two Canadians are murdered and 13 more wounded in a horrible attack, Trudeau has almost nothing to say.

It is a pathetic failure of leadership.

If Trudeau doesn’t feel he can handle the tough parts of the job, then he should quit. Being PM is not about doing the job when there are fun photo-ops and virtue-signalling opportunities, it’s about doing the job when it’s hard, when there are grieving families to be comforted, scared citizens to be reassured, and threats to be addressed.

For Trudeau to still be on vacation during a crisis and a tragedy is disgraceful. Canadians deserve a real leader.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Moe S.

Correct me if I’m wrong, Trudeau did travel to Quebec after the mosque shooting there. He also was in attendance for the funeral service with Ont. Premier Wynne and Quebec leaders. During Parliamentary session he was quoted as saying, “the victims were targeted simply because of their religion.” And don’t forget his teary-eyed performance while giving his condolences regarding Gord Downie’s death and the tribute to Cuba’s dictator Fidel Castro after his death.

Norbert Kausen

It just goes to show how deep the hypocracy of this disgraceful traitor runs!


Trudeau is nothing more than a figure head, a traitor, a puppet and worst of all, he is still at the helm.

Norbert Kausen

Actually, Diane, he’s not at the helm, tha unelected delusional miscreant, Gerald Butts is… he and Trudeau are ButtBuddies!!!

Eleanor Merkus

Figures!!! He can’t manage this situation, so it’s not worth going to….Avoidance tactic!! Shame on him!! I just can’t wait till he is history. Lord, I sure hope he’s going to be history. So sick of this selfie king.

Norbert Kausen

…and he will go down in history as Canada’s WORST prime minister, EVER!!! His old man is second!


So sick and tired of this Bafone antics and disrespect, a typical person that really don’t know or understand what real people the public thoughts and feeling are, and how to handle the responsibly of the Prime Minster of Canada!! I’m old enough to remember his father and the disaster he brought to Canadians, and the distrusion of the Canadian Forces which is still being repaired ! We the people must remember Justin performance and get out and vote 2019 election in just over a year away! Talk about the situation when ever the chance arise, and remind people to… Read more »


Trudeau has been on vacation ever since he was elected because he does not have the intelligence, know how or what being a PM is all about and is ruled by the puppet masters. People including Liberals are wising up to this clown and hopefully it will be his downfall.
Wish we had Harper back as PC Leader because Scheer is too weak and thinks too much like a Liberal. I wonder who Scheer’s puppet master is?

Leo Frey

He’s not in BC for a vacation…he’s looking for more young women to grope. BC is his “groping” field.