CBC HYPOCRISY: State Broadcaster Calls Illegal Crossings Into Canada “Irregular,” While Saying “Illegal” For People Breaking Into The US From Canada

The state broadcaster continues pushing the propaganda narrative of the Trudeau government, and truth is left far behind.

A recent article on CBC News is titled “With all eyes on the U.S. southern border, illegal crossings from Canada quietly increase.

Here’s a key excerpt:

“Mexicans wanting to illegally enter the U.S. are flying over it first, landing in Canada and then walking south across the northern border — sometimes with the help of human smugglers, according to the RCMP and U.S. Border Patrol (USBP).

And the numbers of people doing that are going up, judging by how many people were apprehended for crossing the Canada-U.S. border illegally this year, compared to previous years.

In an area called the Swanton sector, which covers a part of New York State, Vermont and New Hampshire, 121 people were apprehended in the U.S. for crossing illegally from Canada in June, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the USBP.”

There’s nothing wrong with any of what is written. In fact, it’s perfectly factual.

The problem is how massively it contrasts with the way CBC talks about people illegally entering Canada, something pointed out by Pundit Class on Twitter:


CBC has repeatedly referred to people illegally crossing into Canada as “irregular migrants.”

And yet, when they talk about people illegally entering the United States from Canada, all of a sudden it’s “illegal.”

The hypocrisy is immense.

Crossing into Canada from the United States outside of an official border crossing is illegal. Crossing into the United States from Canada outside of an illegal border crossing is illegal.

It’s the same illegal act.

So why does CBC call it “irregular” when it’s into Canada, but “illegal” when it’s outside of Canada?

To push the Trudeau propaganda narrative.

Early on, the Trudeau government was correctly referring to illegal border crossings as “illegal.” That didn’t last long.

Soon, they began using the term “irregular,” and the CBC has followed.

It’s manipulative propaganda, and it denies the truth of what is really happening. Even government signs at the border still make clear that it’s illegal to cross into Canada outside a designated border crossing, but the government, and their CBC propaganda arm won’t even say it.

We are now at the point where we are paying the state broadcaster to divert us from the truth, and it shows the danger of forcibly making Canadian taxpayers finance government controlled media.

Spencer Fernando

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Absolutely inconsistent CBC! Time to close down CBC/Radio-Canada, it has become a monster propaganda tool for dictator Turd. After all, we are not China. Apparently, Trudeau and Liberals are buying local media newspaper and others across the country WITH OUR MONEY TO CLOSE THEM DOWN. So Trudeau can control the narrative of ALL TOPICS in this country.

Ralph Knapp

The CBC news department is the Liberal broadcaster. It’s that simple.


To me this is just saying we have some pan countries here, No Canadian government just traitors destroying what was Canada and since the USA still has borders and laws and order and we do not, why dosen’t the USA move their borders up into the arctic and north up each of our coasts and just protect what was Pan Canada. Then we could become another few states etc they would have direct access to Alaska as part of their country, they could get our oil fields going again. and it will stop them from having to have us as… Read more »

shawn harris

Canada has always stood for and was founded upon very solid democratic principles, such as freedom of the individual, honesty in government, respect for everyone’s rights and upholding the laws of the Canada. Yet Trudeau, is deliberately trying to undermine democracy, so as to diminish democracy and replace it with situational ethics and very vague and misleading terminology, that leads to dividing the public by causing massive amounts of confusion, as to what is our rights, freedoms and protections. Trudeau is trying to govern Canada without the accountability or to be held responsible for his decisions and actions. And these… Read more »

tTommy Hawk

Having had personal dealing with the CBC back in the sixties, there is nothing they do that would surprise me. They exist on ‘our’ money, so graciously passed on to them by our ‘leader’ so that he can depend on them (among other media outlets on the payroll) to support him regardless of how harmful, futile or dangerous any of his policies may be.

Hitler had Goring as ‘Minster of Propaganda’ and Trudeau has the CBC — identical relationship — and extremely dangerous.

Ron Voss

And with Canada’s Open borders policy and providing sanctuary for Islamic terrorists, that looks like another way for them to enter the U.S. Need a wall between Canada and the US for American security?


Former Prime Minister Harper implemented a law that Mexican’s coming to Canada needed a passport, but Trudeau eliminated that, so now we have Mexican’s flying to Canada and either staying here illegally or crossing into the U.S. illegally. Thanks Trudeau, you certainly are making Canada and the U.S. safer for the law abiding citizens.


Justin is irregularly Mentally Challenged meanwhile WE ARE ILLEGALLY GOVERNED !


Norbert Kausen

Beginning to sound like they’ve gotten their narrative from the former East Germany!