No, #TorontoStrong Doesn’t Owe Anything To The Killer’s Parents

National Post runs article absurdly saying people “should be ashamed of themselves” if they don’t embrace Faisal Hussain’s family as they do the families of the real victims of the horrendous attack.

Terry Glavin is a pretty good writer, who has probably done more than anyone else in the country (perhaps aside from yours truly) to bring attention to the dangerous influence of China’s Communist Party in Canada.

Glavin certainly speaks his mind and tells it like it is – at least from his perspective.

But still, his latest articleabout the Toronto mass shooting attack – is way off.

In the article, Glavin says this about his perception of the reaction to the shooter’s family:

“Maybe the simple, ugly reason that so little sympathy has been on hand for the parents of the severely mentally ill and now-dead shooter — they have another son who has been in a coma for more than a year, and their daughter died in a car accident about five years ago — is that they are Muslim. Or maybe it’s just because it was their son who committed the unconscionable act, that their own crushing anguish and sorrow is cruelly dismissed as somehow less deserving of any public sympathy.”

What makes this concerning is how it fits the usual pattern of people all of a sudden bringing up the idea of islamophobia, as if throwing that concept out there means people shouldn’t be allowed to be angry at a horrible act.

Glavin says more later on:

“Evidence may yet emerge to the effect that at perhaps some very recent stage in the psychosis that tormented him, Faisal Hussein had been twisted beyond recognition by imbibing the online vileness of some bloodthirsty Islamist hate preacher. But all that is, or should be, immaterial to what is required right now of the people of Toronto — Toronto Strong, as the city likes to describe itself in the teeth of these tragic events. If the people cannot find it within themselves to discharge the same duty of solidarity and compassion in respect of Hussain’s parents, to enclose them as warmly within the embrace of their empathy as the families of Reese Fallon and little Julianna Kozis, then they should be ashamed of themselves.”

How about NO.

Note, Glavin doesn’t say that Hussain’s family should be left alone and allowed to grieve in peace. They certainly should be. But he goes further, saying they should be embraced in the same way as the true victims of the attack.

Those are very different things.

The simple truth is that if it weren’t for Faisal Hussain’s actions, Reese Fallon and Julianna Kozis would still be alive.

That creates a fundamentally different situation when it comes to standing with the families of the true victims, and it’s why Glavin’s article is wrong.

Certainly, nothing cruel should happen to Faisal Hussain’s family. Beyond that however, #TorontoStrong is about standing with those who suffered at the hands of the killer.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Norbert Kausen

What’s with Glavin??? Has he been smoking Trudeau’s dope??? Is he suffering from a sudden onslaught of dementia??? Has he partaken in the liberal koolaid??? Has some liberal gotten something on him all of a sudden???He sounds like he works for the Toronto Star and NOT the National Post!

don morris

yeah,I have to agree,Spencer. Glavin usually writes sensible articles bu this one is way off base.

No mention of why the other Son is in a coma. Someone suggested on a blog that he was a gangster who had been wounded in a gunfight, and is the source of the gun Faisal used in his terror attack.

I don’t know the facts about that aspect of the story,anyone here know ?


Maybe there’s no sympathy because they’ve managed to foist two monsters on Canadian society, a drug dealer and a terrorist. There’s some expression about apples and trees 🙂


The family was aware on his supposed mental state. The family knew of his connections because of there statement that could only be seen as a cover up so soon and so fast after. As much as there seems to be a lot of controversy about his links to radical sources the way he handles the gun and stances he took , could only be from being trained. You get tired of hearing excuses of what a good boy he was after the deed was done or our government wanting to control what you think thru fake news . This… Read more »

Ken evans

I believe the answer lies somewhere in the middle. The killers parents have lost a son and in a shaming betrayal of the values of our community. For that they deserve our compassion and our thoughts and prayers and their privacy. Quite frankly if offered more I believe they would be used by the left for political purposes, which we are seeing as they use the incident to bolster partisan ill conceived gun control measures, I agree with the assessment that this column is doing mostly the same. By the same token we should allow the victims families privacy to… Read more »

Connie Cattle

It is well past time that we stop and I mean stop Pandering to criminals and Terrorist and the people who are related to them and who have associated themselves with them. Trudeau, his liberals, and our judicial system are the criminals in this garbage. Trudeau invites and protects them. Liberals with their policies enable them. The Judicial System gives them a pass when they break the laws of our land and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms by deciding that because of cultural and ethnic diversities from our own that they deserve a pass. They don’t. If you want… Read more »