The Corrupt Establishment’s Attempt To Control The Toronto Shooting Narrative Is Collapsing

Following the Toronto mass shooting attack, the establishment pushed two main narratives. The first focused on mental health. The second focused on gun owners. Now, those narratives are breaking down.

Following the Toronto mass shooting attack, the establishment pushed two main narratives.

The first focused on mental health. The second focused on gun owners.

Ironically, while the establishment told people not to jump to conclusions, they clearly jumped to conclusions on those two narratives.

They also sought to dismiss the possibility of Islamist terrorism.

Now, those narratives are breaking down.

Serious doubts are being raised about the statement that was issued at the exact same time Faisal Hussain’s name was released to the media.

It seems the gun used in the attack was acquired illegally, and originated in the US, making those who tried demonizing law-abiding Canadian gun owners look like fools.

And there are growing reports about potential connections between the killer and the Islamist ideology.

All three of those things have unfolded in the exact opposite way from how the establishment tried to spin things.

This is why trust in establishment politicians and the establishment media is collapsing, and it’s why we must increasingly trust our own judgement and our own common sense.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thank heavens for you Spencer. We need you to keep us honestly informed .
So fed up with this incompetent government and bias media.


A fine write-up, direct and to the point! Law abiding gun owners, although never responsible, always become the target! Tory shot off his head immediately following the tragedy with a statement, effectively saying that there was no need for anyone to own a gun on Toronto! To think that the Council has now passed a ‘Resolution’, of 40-4 asking for a total ban on Handguns in Toronto, just goes to show how far away from reality these ‘knee jerk’ crooked legislatures are! In the interests of natural justice and fair play, I do hope commonsense will prevail! Doug Ford as… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

More and more people are waking up to the disgraceful totalitarian agenda, the ‘nanny state’ Liberals are trying to ram down our clooective throats!

Kenneth Oblak

The butcher of the danforth looked like a well trained assassin. This is looking more and more like a cover up. Too much sympathy for the gunman. Hardly any reporting of the victims. The possibility of radical islamism downplayed right off the bat. Very Shakesperean, as in “he doth protest too much”, ahem.


It is all over the media that are honest that the islamists have taken credit for this killing. As someone mentioned, the killer only targeted the female gender. Again an islamic value that girls and women are 2nd class citizens. We will not let a cult destroy the value of equality that have been fought by our mothers and are part of our constitution and human rights. We will not let this dangerous government continue to bully us with lies. In 2019, the dictator will be gone.

Ana Gomes

You can’t fool Canadians all the time. The left and the so called liberals are DONE.Trudeau’s Legacy is very clear.Canadians want no more, no more no more……

tTommy Hawk

“……….look like fools.”

The only person capable of making anyone look like a fool is a fool — others do not have the power to accomplish that fact.