WATCH: Poilievre Exposes How Fake The ‘Border Security Minister’ Role Really Is

“If the agencies responsible for this issue don’t report to you, what do you do as Minister?”

As I recently wrote, the ‘Border Security Minister’ appears to be a fake job.

And in a recent round of questioning by Michelle Rempel and Pierre Poilievre, it became very clear that the job is empty.

Under questioning from Rempel, Bill Blair admitted that the Canadian Border Services Agency doesn’t report to him, no ministers responsible for the border or security report to him, and he has no authority over any government departments.

Then, Pierre Poilievre asked the question that immediately came to mind: “If the agencies responsible for this issue don’t report to you, what do you do as Minister?”

Watch the moment below:

Clearly, Bill Blair has no idea what ‘Border Security Minister’ means.

Trudeau likely has no idea either.

It’s a fake job, meant to create a ‘role’ that gives the appearance of action on the illegal border crossing crisis, without actually doing anything.

All the actual authority on the issue remains where it was, with Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

And considering the fact that both Hussen and Goodale have failed to deal with the crisis so far, Blair’s new fake job won’t do anything except create a few new photo-ops while Canadian taxpayers keep getting screwed.

Spencer Fernando

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Menno Zacharias

It looks like Bill Blair has been handed a political plum (perhaps as a reward for his work on the cannabis file) which is really unfortunate. I previously sat on the CACP Drug Committee with Bill and found him to be a very capable person who perhaps could have accomplished something in the area of border security had he been given the appropriate authority as opposed to just a title.

Sharon Maclise

If Blair is so credible and such a “capable person” why would he care to accept such a powerless positon that makes a mockery of his competence?


Typical Liberal. No accountability, no responsibility, all paycheck, no substance.


welllll….in reply to Justin Trudeau’s numerous arrogant statements to the effect that …” what the Conservatives have not yet learned ……” , Poilievre or Rempel could reply ” waht Justin Trudeau has not yet learned is that not many of his childish, deceptive actions will escape the stringency of conservative questioning and logical analysis ” .


What a joke! My understanding is that Turdeau created 5 new ministries so we can imagine another way to sink millions of dollars created by the small head of Turdeau.

Stanley Belding

Trudeau appointed Blair to the position of Boarder Security and illegal immigration to create a diversion. The real purpose is to start a very public feud with Premier Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario for political gain. Premier Ford and Minister Blair has history.


Blair’s new appointment is simply optics. Blair puts himself out there as a warrior against ‘fear’ and by doing so is admitting he’s there to put allay the public’s fear of mass migration with the appropriate MSM spin.


Seems that billy boy isn’t even smart enough to see that he will be the scape goat for the gropers open border invitation that he did.
This country needs to split up into smaller groups. With central canaduh having complete control is nothing more than a dictatorship which allows them to decide what is best for everyone.


The country of Canada West sounds good to me. Think the Altantic provinces would do better if they looked into it.


Blair’s appointment, not unlike the liberal party in general is a farce, and Trudeau, a fake PM and no less a farce! Can’t wait for 2019 and hopefully the total decimation of this fake liberal government, and with any luck, an end to the liberal party!

Brian Dougan

Drew; one can only hope. looking back; Ex P.M. Brian Mulroney practically destroyed the federal conservatives. He brought in the hated GST. Compared to what we now have; Mulroney was an exemplary politician. I’d love to see the liberals in ruins; but too many starry eyed; gullible
Canadian voters still like Trudeau. It makes my head spin; he’s anathema to everything that’s truly Canadian. Hopefully the curtain will draw back by 2019–exposing the real Trudeau. We cannot afford a second term of this menace.

tTommy Hawk

The idiocy and blatant stupidity appear to never quit, from the moment of the election of this government.

Indeed, it actually intensifies with every decision that is promulgated.

I would suspect that, by now, Canada is close to the top of the ‘idiot decisions’ contest through0ut the world.