DISGRACEFUL: Days After Toronto Shooting, Trudeau Is On His SEVENTH Vacation Day In A Row

His abdication of leadership after the horrific Toronto mass shooting is a disgrace.

Justin Trudeau has been taking “personal” (AKA Vacation) days since July 21st.

This is now his seventh consecutive vacation day.

You would think that the horrific Toronto mass shooting would have brought him back to work, addressing the obvious need for increased security in our cities, speaking to the nation, and making his presence felt as the country mourns.


Instead, following the Toronto shooting, he issued a tweet, the PMO put out a press release, and that’s it. Here’s his itinerary for today:

Trudeau Intinerary

This is a disgraceful abdication of leadership, and as noted by Warren Kinsella, even Liberals are getting upset about it:

“Hearing from a lot of people – Liberals included – who are upset that the PM has not been in Toronto since . Really upset.

So what is Trudeau doing?

Well, the PMO isn’t releasing any details or photos. But this is what he was doing on a BC vacation last year:

Trudeau Vacation 2017

Is Trudeau surfing while Canadians suffer?

Whatever he’s up to, it’s time for him to get to Toronto, and show some real leadership.

The longer he remains on vacation, the more disturbing the contrast is between how Trudeau responded to the ‘Hijab hoax,’ and how he responded to the Toronto shooting.

So far, his response has been a pathetic disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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