INSANE: Man Who Tried Killing Three Canadian Soldiers While Screaming “Allah Akbar” Could Be Released Under “Indirect Supervision”

What the hell is our country becoming?

In 2016, Ayanle Hassan Ali tried killing three Canadian soldiers at the Yonge St. recruiting office in Toronto.

He punched a soldier in the head, then tried stabbing that soldier, then tried stabbing another soldier, before slashing at another.

As noted by the Toronto Sun, “During his attack, Ali shouted words to the effect of, “Allah akbar.” He told a paramedic that “Allah” had sent him “to kill people.” Both forensic psychiatrists who examined Ali testified that he believed soldiers were a “legitimate target” due to Canada’s military action in Muslim countries and he wanted to be a martyr.”

Ali had also said in a diary, “I have a licence to kill, I have a green light to kill. One soldier is all it takes, just one.”

But shockingly, a judge acquitted him of terrorism charges, and he was found ‘not criminally responsible’ due to ‘schizophrenia.’

And now, he’s going to be set free into the community:

As the Sun points out, Ali “has already been cleared to leave the secure unit of his Hamilton hospital this year on passes into the community, including forays that aren’t even directly supervised.”

Additionally, in 2019, Ali could be permitted to enter “southern Ontario,” while accompanied by a staff member of the hospital at which he is detained. And worse, he could be allowed to go into the “community of Hamilton,” within 2 kilometres of the hospital – under “indirect supervision” (AKA unsupervised).

So, someone who clearly seemed to be motivated by the Islamist ideology, and is so mentally screwed up that they walked into a recruiting office and tried to kill Canadian soldiers, could be walking the streets unwatched.

It’s insane that our so-called ‘justice system’ allowed this to happen. It’s even worse when you consider that people are in jail for financial crimes and drug possession, yet someone who tried to murder three people could soon be walking free.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube