INSANE: Man Who Tried Killing Three Canadian Soldiers While Screaming “Allah Akbar” Could Be Released Under “Indirect Supervision”

What the hell is our country becoming?

In 2016, Ayanle Hassan Ali tried killing three Canadian soldiers at the Yonge St. recruiting office in Toronto.

He punched a soldier in the head, then tried stabbing that soldier, then tried stabbing another soldier, before slashing at another.

As noted by the Toronto Sun, “During his attack, Ali shouted words to the effect of, “Allah akbar.” He told a paramedic that “Allah” had sent him “to kill people.” Both forensic psychiatrists who examined Ali testified that he believed soldiers were a “legitimate target” due to Canada’s military action in Muslim countries and he wanted to be a martyr.”

Ali had also said in a diary, “I have a licence to kill, I have a green light to kill. One soldier is all it takes, just one.”

But shockingly, a judge acquitted him of terrorism charges, and he was found ‘not criminally responsible’ due to ‘schizophrenia.’

And now, he’s going to be set free into the community:

As the Sun points out, Ali “has already been cleared to leave the secure unit of his Hamilton hospital this year on passes into the community, including forays that aren’t even directly supervised.”

Additionally, in 2019, Ali could be permitted to enter “southern Ontario,” while accompanied by a staff member of the hospital at which he is detained. And worse, he could be allowed to go into the “community of Hamilton,” within 2 kilometres of the hospital – under “indirect supervision” (AKA unsupervised).

So, someone who clearly seemed to be motivated by the Islamist ideology, and is so mentally screwed up that they walked into a recruiting office and tried to kill Canadian soldiers, could be walking the streets unwatched.

It’s insane that our so-called ‘justice system’ allowed this to happen. It’s even worse when you consider that people are in jail for financial crimes and drug possession, yet someone who tried to murder three people could soon be walking free.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Imagine that. All under Trudeau’s watch. It’s time that the Liberal members revolt against their pansy ass leader. “Trudeau must go for the good of our country”


Um, Trudeau is not the one that acquitted him. A Judge did that.


The hospital he is in is right in Hamilton, on the escarpment maybe two km. from downtown Hamilton, and this man has already gone un- escorted in Hamilton and did not return on time so the police were sent to look for him and he was returned to the hospital. This psychiatric hospital looses patients a lot, it is right close to Mohawk college, plazas and many homes in Hamilton and on a bus route, many years ago I was attached on the street by an escapee from this hospital, right near another non-psychiatry hospital where I worked, so soldiers… Read more »


So he gets another chance to wage Jihad. Crazy or not, he believes he must obey the commands of the Quran.
And now the courts are giving him another crack at it.
I’m not sure who is more insane this animal or the Judge.
Surprised the Government did not cut him a cheque while they were at it.


This judge should be jailed if this azzole tries again.

Chris vrecko

Don’the vendors urgent it, the idiot might just do it!

Janis Bell

Don’t talk too soon, there’s still time!

Paul Williamson

liberal p.m liberal government, liberal judge ,,remember to thank a Liberal voter for the state of the country ,this moron will probably turn around and sue the Canadian people,for millions and probably get it ,time to deport terrorist,and take back our country,from this insanity

Mike Allan

I believe that Trudeau has welcomed over thirty thousand illegals in the last year and a half.Seems the libtard voters of Canada are hell bent over total destruction of was once the home or fathers and grandfathers ,mothers and grandmothers built for all of us.

Norbert Kausen

The disgraceful liberals doing their dirty work of endanering Canadians again!!! His actions were absolutely TERRORIST!!! It goes to show just how far liberals, even in the “just- us” system have their feeble heads buried up ther arses

Norbert Kausen



We are entitled to know the names of the Judge, the Psychiatrist and any staff who let this insane criminal out on the streets to attack again. We Canadians have to start making the Judicial system and the psychiatrist (s) personally responsible for their decisions. The entire Canadian judicial system is quickly becoming disconnected from reality. The President’s own lawyer in the States intentionally violated client / lawyer confidentiality and made an illegal recording public. Now we can’t even trust our own lawyers. Are leftists and Liberals pushing Canadians to the point where we have to protect ourselves? It would… Read more »


If he was a white guy he’d be in jail and the media would be calling him murderer ,,, but you know until the Canadian people stand together and say enough of this UN agenda BS it will only get worse and the globalist leaders here in Canada don’t give a ,, about the Canadian people of this country , not sure if the PC party is really any better than the Liberals Mr sheer is just another globalist waiting for his turn to kick the can and mass migration is part of their agenda don’t let the hipe about… Read more »


Not sure you’re right about Scheer being a “globalist”-if he is he doesn’t admit to it!


I hope that now it is becoming painfully clear that the Trudeau is to blame for these sickos to come into our country Turdeau is the Number 1 danger to all Canadians and our way of life

Phil Alexander

The Judge should have required this misunderstood innocent move in next door to the Groper, perhaps babysit the kids and carpool together.

Sewer Rat

“What the hell is our country becoming?”

To answer your question Spencer, our country is becoming a caliphate.

David Cameron

It’s OK to release him because diversity is
our strength.


There’s all kinds of details regarding this case, including the details of the attack, and the “expert witnesses” who – according to the judge – heavily influenced the judge’s decision, at the following link:

Beverley Campbell

Pardon? He is being released into the community? From now on the people of Ontario will not know who is standing next to them.

tTommy Hawk

So, he has been declared ‘insane’?

And now he is freed under the specious restriction of ‘not being supervised’ at some times?

And, if he is on meds, he CANNOT be made to take those meds because of the ‘Charter rights’ he has.

This type of administration of a person who has been declared insane even crazier than he is.

Wendy Lush

This guy is a time bom b waiting to go off. At least fit him with a GPS ankle bracelet.

Trudeau is responsible for this situation inasmuch as he reversed the law that allowed for rescinding of a terrorist’s citizenship, followed by deportation. Remember JT’s boast “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian”.

I yearn for the Canada I grew up in – now an increasingly distant memory.

Mike Allan

Absolutely % right.Canada hasn’t learned anything about libtard policy in all these years.If the Canadian voter on the east and left coast doesn’t stop listening to CBC and ctv plus others.It boggles my imagination that the same bs happens time and time again. I fear agenda 21 is not far away.The left policy is lining up more and more everytime the libtards come to power.

Sonja Didyk

It is time to make everyone responsible for allowing criminals/mentally insane back into the community also responsible for any crimes that they (the released) may commit. The consequence should act as a deterrent for these judges, parole board etc to think long and hard. For example, if said released person commits murder, all involved in the release should be incarcerated for a minimum 20 years. Sounds harsh? Not really, when consider the careless and callous release of thugs into our communities. We need to be protected from both the criminals and the corrupt and foolish system.

Phil Alexander

I always wonder why the Judges/Review Boards/Pardon Committees etc. do no make it a requirement that those being released are required to take their medications under supervision such as a Doctors’ office, Health Clinic, or a Safe Injection site. If they refuse or miss an appointment send them back to the Mental Hospital since they are mentally unsound and a high risk to harm themselves or others. But I guess this would never work because it makes sense and could save innocent lives.