“SECESSION”: Far-Left Mayoral Candidate Jennifer Keesmaat Wants Toronto To SECEDE From Ontario

More radical ideas from the far-left.

It looks like Toronto has a far-left radical candidate for mayor.

Jennifer Keesmaat – Toronto’s former Chief City Planner – is calling for the City of Toronto to SECEDE from Ontario.

Here’s what Keesmaat said on Twitter:


“Now I have had a chance to sleep on it. Secession. Why should a city of 2.8 million not have self governance?”

What makes this so hilarious is that Keesmaat has been attacking Doug Ford’s decision to slash Toronto City Council, adding her voice to the many leftists opposing the cost-saving move.

Yet, Keesmaat’s secession plan is extreme, and would end up being incredibly costly. Not to mention the entire problem of creating what would presumably be a new province – which would mean new provincial IDs, new provincial regulations, trade barriers, etc… and you can imagine how massively expensive it would be for taxpayers.

It also represents an attempt by the radical left to ignore the results of the provincial election. The far-left got crushed, so they want to create a new province where they think they can win.


Of course, this is what we’ve come to expect from the far-left. They oppose any and all practical cost-saving measures, while pushing pie-in-the-sky ideas that would fleece taxpayers and cause total economic chaos.

Also, Keesmaat will push a high-tax and anti-car agenda, which would totally screw over middle class families and working people in the city. It’s the same radical left agenda that does so much damage.

Does Toronto really want a mayor who will break up the province of Ontario?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter