“SECESSION”: Far-Left Mayoral Candidate Jennifer Keesmaat Wants Toronto To SECEDE From Ontario

More radical ideas from the far-left.

It looks like Toronto has a far-left radical candidate for mayor.

Jennifer Keesmaat – Toronto’s former Chief City Planner – is calling for the City of Toronto to SECEDE from Ontario.

Here’s what Keesmaat said on Twitter:


“Now I have had a chance to sleep on it. Secession. Why should a city of 2.8 million not have self governance?”

What makes this so hilarious is that Keesmaat has been attacking Doug Ford’s decision to slash Toronto City Council, adding her voice to the many leftists opposing the cost-saving move.

Yet, Keesmaat’s secession plan is extreme, and would end up being incredibly costly. Not to mention the entire problem of creating what would presumably be a new province – which would mean new provincial IDs, new provincial regulations, trade barriers, etc… and you can imagine how massively expensive it would be for taxpayers.

It also represents an attempt by the radical left to ignore the results of the provincial election. The far-left got crushed, so they want to create a new province where they think they can win.


Of course, this is what we’ve come to expect from the far-left. They oppose any and all practical cost-saving measures, while pushing pie-in-the-sky ideas that would fleece taxpayers and cause total economic chaos.

Also, Keesmaat will push a high-tax and anti-car agenda, which would totally screw over middle class families and working people in the city. It’s the same radical left agenda that does so much damage.

Does Toronto really want a mayor who will break up the province of Ontario?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Is she a Clinton clone?


More like a Gerry Brown/Kamala Harris cross with just a hint of Rene Levesque. She likely has some Castro/Trudeau in her as the latter is also bent on destroying Canada.

Dave Bainard

Let TO form its own province. It will be hillarious watching them start their own ‘green’ programs that they were more than happy to foist on the rest of Ontario.

Norbert Kausen

HAHAHAHAHA… Yeah… and they won’t get one nickel from Ontario!


Good riddance Take the defunct Liberals & Ottawa with you. The rest of us wanted to succeed with the West anyway. We’ll pay for the wall and the U.S. Corridor for illegals, oops irregular immigrants as well. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya…


Will they promise to take Wynne and Horwath with them! and not let them out again ever! Oh this would be a Lieberal/NDP wet dream! “Pan Canada” started just like they are hoping for, put up a high electric fence and they can have all the criminal element they bring in. I am somewhat joking, my daughter lives and works there. After Wynn closed many hospitals around the province and built new ones, mostly in Toronto, a lot of Ontarians need to go there for health care, Queens Park would need to be built elsewhere etc. but Ontario would still… Read more »

Mike Allan

Well said thanks


Another ASS CLOWN to add to the list


Keesmat not a friend of the people. She is not working for herself, she is working for the Torontonians she should remember that; she can move if she does not like it.

S. Lamoureux

Is she mad because she could be off the gravy boat?


Today, Friday, July 27th, 2018, a day for the history books, I can’t stop smiling ear to ear.
Doug Ford is doing what he promised and it has the lefties panties in a bunch.
Now this woman nut job put the icing on the cake.
Life is good ! Cheers everyone, enjoy the moment AND a big thank you to Spencer ;o)

Norbert Kausen

GOOD for her!!! She’ll be all alone in her peanut gallery!!! She must look up to Hillary Clinton. The more I hear these morally bankrupt liberal imbeciles whine and bleat, the more I KNOW Ontario did the right thing by voting in Doug Ford!!! This liberal miscrant won’t get anywhere near the Mayoral chair!


Yes, moronto should leave.
There would no room for expansion for them. Let them have a taste of their own stupidity. Without the rest of the province they would be a 3rd world area. Most of the big business would most likely leave to other places. Not all at once but as moronto needed more money they would raise taxes driving the business out.
Please Keesmat, push for this. Your actions will help split this country up which is what is needed.
(don’t) imagine this will get posted…)

Bruno Gretler

And while you’re at it do us a favor and take Quebec with you then you can pay the Equalisation Payments and be prosper and happy

Wendy Lush

Sounds like Jennifer Keesmaat has ambitions to be Queen of her own city-state, just like in the Middle Ages. Perhaps she can break bread with her kindred spirit, that little gnat Sadiq Khan who thinks he’s King of Londonstan.


Hello Kathleen Wynne 2.0

Allen B

Jenn can could simply hop a bus for California and join other like-minded socialists. Take Justin with you please and thanks.


“Former chief city planner “, no wonder Toronto is so buggered up . Wonder how many other dreamy flakes are still running that city .
Nothing like installing a conservative into power to flush out the hysterical socialists.
Carry on Doug Ford !

tTommy Hawkt

I never realized in a long life in Canada and reading various books and articles, and being involved in a minor degree in the political arena, that insanity was actually contagious.

But, here we are at this moment in time and, lo and behold, we are visited with example after example that it is actually contagious — scary.

Connie Cattle

The liberals and the NDP’s who were delusional, to begin with, are ticked off about their loss Their catastrophic failure to lead and make Ontario a Liberal ATM is over and they are angry about it. Their policies where killing full-time jobs and Feds are trying to make Canada into the biggest bedroom community in the world. I am very proud to be a Conservative and if you give Ford a chance along with the rest of our federal Conservatives a chance we will get out from under the Liberals and their Communist/Socialistic ideals and maybe we can save the… Read more »

Mike Allan

Libtard indoctrination of Ontario is over thanks to the great conservative people.We have 14 months (left)to get rid of the country’s socialist giving everything away to illegals Trudeau.Make Canada Great Again.


They can have it. Maybe the rest of Ontario will benefit from their own taxes, instead of Toronto thinking they are the only city that matters and should spend all our taxes on themselves.!

mike welsh

Hey its time for the fabienists to leave Toronto and the rest of Canada… dont like it here… lots a room in Syria and Siberia … .Ive had enough!!!! Go be a far leftist somewhere else .. like in hell. Anybody got a problem with that ?

Mike Rodgers

Let Toronto go, the rest of Ontario would have all their tax dollars to spend instead of Toronto getting it.


For those of us not in the 416, please seceed. Real Ontario does not include Toronto.

Norbert Kausen

Maybe, better still, how about Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchwan ALL secede from confederation. That would effectively isolate that Kook, Trudeau and he can have Toronto!

Norbert Kausen

The way things are going, we would be better off to dismantle confederation!

Mike Allan

Absolutely great comments by all involved.Special thanks to Spencer for bringing it to the attention of carring conservatives.We need a lot more people speaking out on all of the libtard talking points and all topics that concern conservatives.


you know, I’m actually thinking this might be a good idea. Good riddance. While we are at it lets put a wall around it too, all the loons can live there.