SMALLER GOVERNMENT: Doug Ford’s Decision To Slash Toronto City Council Is A Huge Win For Taxpayers

Less money spent on politicians means more for the services people rely on.

Doug Ford continues to show leadership and get results.

His latest move to slash the Toronto City Council from 47 councillors to 25 is a huge win for Toronto taxpayers.

It means less money spent on politicians and political staff, and more money for things like police, roads, subways, buses, and other infrastructure.

It’s smaller, more efficient government.

Here’s what Ford said on Twitter:

“I promised to reduce the size and cost of government, and end the culture of waste and mismanagement. More politicians are not the answer. These changes will dramatically improve the decision making process, and help restore accountability and trust in local governments.”

“For too long City Council has failed to act on the key issues facing Toronto. Less Councillors will mean a more efficient government, and more action on key issues like transit, housing and infrastructure.”

Ford’s decision is a win for everybody, except a few entitled politicians who want to be insulated from the same job insecurity the rest of us regularly face.

Ford has put the politicians on notice: It’s no longer a free ride at the expense of the taxpayers, nothing can be taken for granted, and money will shift towards what actually matters.

Ford shows that he understands that all money spent by the government is essentially stolen from the taxpayers who earned it, and he’s determined to make sure that less of that money is taken. And for the money that is taken, he’s making sure it actually goes towards a good use.

Of course, many current radical-left city councillors in Toronto are going crazy, and that’s because they feel entitled to jobs and money at the taxpayers expense. Thankfully, Doug Ford is putting them in their place.

What Rob Ford started, Doug Ford is finishing: The Gravy Train is being brought to a stop.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Thank you Doug Ford and Conservatives. Thank you Spencer, now if we can somehow get the Lieberal/NDP media printing truth so everyone can know this and the very important message it brings.


Also, more cash for the rest of Ontario as we all know Toronto and the public sector unions have taken the lion’s share under the guise of “you name it” tax and “sounds gd enuff2 dupem” user fees to buy votes for far too long. Thanks Doug.


The only way to finally get the media printing the truth is to vote Corruption out in 2019 by a landslide. Remember all those MP’s who did not stand up for CANADA. Every Canadian has to take this ball and run with it. Forward the Truth on to as many as you can, get Canadians involved and vote to save CANADA, to keep freedom of speech etc………


This is a wonderful news! I am elated and thank Ford for moving forward with huge savings.
Thank you Spencer for all the updates we get; you are on top of the news.

Moe S.

Finally! Woo Hoo! These little piggy’s at the trough are sooo…upset. Why? It cost Ont. taxpayers $292,000 annually in expenses per city councilman. Six years of service grants them a guaranteed pension, not to mention other perks. Many are Liberal & NDPer’s who haven’t been able to reach a consensus on anything that matters, ie; infrastructure, traffic gridlock, subway constructions, gun violence, community housing repairs, etc. However, these councilors did manage to put bike lanes all over the city, causing more gridlock for Torontonians trying to get to work. A few of them are life-long piggy feeder’s, a few have… Read more »


So Happy Thankyou Doug!!
And thank you Spencer!! I enjoy reading all your reports. You are Awesome


The left will call it an attack on democracy. But in my personal experience this is not the case .
I have witnessed personally the waste and stupidity that to often goes on with an excessive number of city councilors in my own city. And for anyone who has been paying attention, Toronto council is notorious for stupidity and waste . Doug is precisely correct that many of them waste time and energy on mickey mouse issues while the critical housing, transit and infrastructure are neglected .


We desperately need a Doug Ford here in BC. Greater Victoria, with a population of about 400,000, is divided into 13 municipalities. Each one has its own mayor and council.

In total, greater Victoria is represented by a total of 91 people. Surrey, which is a larger city on the mainland, has 9.

It’s insane.

Kudos to Doug Ford for being fiscally responsible, and for keeping his promises. I’m a big fan.

tTommy Hawk

How refreshing — an elected individual who actually and clearly understands the necessity of ‘saving the taxpayers as much as possible, while still getting the job done.’

That concept is fo foreign for 99.9 per cent of ever elected/appointed public office holder that I would be willing to bet that, in their minds, even the concept is terrifying.

Of course, the gale-like winds blowing across the county are the ‘terrified left’ screaming as they are wondering if Armageddon has arrived.