Imagine How Much Canada Could Achieve If The Government Wasn’t Holding Us Back

We should be by far the richest nation on earth.

Take a moment and Imagine how much Canada could achieve if the government wasn’t holding us back.

We have the most abundant resources on earth, a hardworking population, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We should be by far the richest nation on earth.

Unfortunately, we are being held back by a federal government that seeks to centralize power, crush opportunities with massive regulations, and impose taxes that push billions of dollars of investment out of our country while taxpayers get fleeced.

And yet, we must not let this government hold back our dreams for the future.

We need to remember that we don’t have to settle for less.

We deserve to be a truly wealthy and powerful nation, and we can have so much more than we can even imagine if the government gets out of the way and lets Canadians be free to succeed.

Canada deserves the best, and we deserve a federal government that trusts us enough to let our nation achieve our full potential.

Spencer Fernando

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