Imagine How Much Canada Could Achieve If The Government Wasn’t Holding Us Back

We should be by far the richest nation on earth.

Take a moment and Imagine how much Canada could achieve if the government wasn’t holding us back.

We have the most abundant resources on earth, a hardworking population, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We should be by far the richest nation on earth.

Unfortunately, we are being held back by a federal government that seeks to centralize power, crush opportunities with massive regulations, and impose taxes that push billions of dollars of investment out of our country while taxpayers get fleeced.

And yet, we must not let this government hold back our dreams for the future.

We need to remember that we don’t have to settle for less.

We deserve to be a truly wealthy and powerful nation, and we can have so much more than we can even imagine if the government gets out of the way and lets Canadians be free to succeed.

Canada deserves the best, and we deserve a federal government that trusts us enough to let our nation achieve our full potential.

Spencer Fernando

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First we need a strong common sense Democratic whole of Canada Leader that is FOR Canada moving ahead and knows how to do this, knows how to run businesses, and can do math to figure out how to get us out of this huge debt. The first thing they need to do is straighten out, the corruption and the false slanted media and stop all these divisive radical groups and unify us all, to work and care together. What a huge job, as we are so mixed up without common sense, thanks to the Lieberal/NDP radicalism and propaganda one world… Read more »

Christian moehling

Spenser i find myself agreeing with a substantial amount of point of view it is refreshing to see someone else sees the world and particillarily canada in the same light .it is so hard nowadays to find people who agree.keep up the good work…..

Christopher Kastner

Libya was once a country like that, predominantly non-secular and able to use resources to fund the needs of the people. I remember Tripoli, though never been, as a beautiful and attractive city. Syria, also a shining example of economic prosperity that embraced all and any that contributed to the society that boasted the oldest settlement of Christianity. Iraq and Egypt also were relatively settled. peaceful places until Arab Spring. Easy to see where the disputers ended up as one follows the collapse of secular European nations. Canada puts in M103 “Islamiphobia ” recommendations as it brings in “Syrian” refugees… Read more »


Agreed. Imagine how much we would be able to help others if given a chance, imagine how advanced we could be with world leading health, technology, resource production, ocean protection, education and on and on.

We have to get Trudeau and the NDP out of the way of progress in Canada. A vote for Liberals is a vote against Canada.

Ivan Hawkes

Right on Spencer, my sentiments exactly. Justin is such a simple puppet, acting under the orders of the psychopath globalists who want Canada weak and economically broken. It’s hard for most people to imagine thinking like those globalist elite think. Those willing to commit mass murder of 3000 people in 9-11, those willing to create wars for profit, willing to displace populations. We can’t think like those psychopaths, so we can’t imagine anyone could think that way. Justin is just a simple puppet under their guidance.

tTommy Hawk

As usual, sir, your comments are timely and true. As long as this, or any left-leaning government is in power, absolute disaster is just around the corner, along with strife and war, with millions of innocent people killed — all sacrificed on the ‘altar of the left’ — and history then has to repeat, with millions more innocents killed or maimed. Perhaps this is indeed nature’s way of ‘cleansing the earth’ and the humans occupying and destroying nature and is inevitable. If it is, no one has realized that reality and they bring upon themselves the death and destruction history… Read more »


Canada is in bad shape! All of our governmental parties are corrupt and are on a mission to push a globalist agenda. They are stripping us of our freedoms with bills like C-16 and M-103(some Conservative like Lisa Raitt voted in favour of these and look at her position now) claiming to be supportive of and using the LGBT and Islam when they couldn’t care less about these groups but, are using them to push an agenda. Their plan also is to bring our country to a state of 3rd world poverty, and create chaos to bring order by a… Read more »

Mike Allan

We do indeed need a Ford like Trump to stop the indoctrination of full blown agenda 21 in Canada. I would hope a good part of the population will start to read between the lines.Thanks for the communication of common sense approach.


Every government elected seems they have to add to the burden of taxation and regulation with knee jerk laws promulgated for every perceived misbehavior that comes along. Eventually, as a society, you will seize up losing all freedoms. The most obvious is the effort to negate what can only be described as a purposely created clash of cultures. I could explain further but I would be accused of some sort of phobia. The social mores we have developed over time through trial and error have been discarded. As we move into a social neverland remember that progress doesn’t always mean… Read more »

Mike Allan

I sure appreciate your words of wisdom and experience.Thanks Grandpaspeaks.

Miles Lunn

Agreed, unfortunately too many believe government is the solution to helping people and want the government to look after them. The entrepreneurial spirit that past generations had and many recent immigrants have unfortunately is not so widely held by Canadian born millennials who have been brought up believing the government is there to look after them and that re-distribution of wealth is a good thing rather than something that just makes a country worse off.