POLL: Massive Support For Doug Ford Slashing Toronto City Council

Media hysteria doesn’t represent what people actually think.

A Twitter survey shows overwhelming support for Doug Ford’s decision to slash Toronto City Council from 47 to 25 councillors.

I posted the following question on Twitter:

“VOTE: Do you support Doug Ford’s plan to slash Toronto City Council?”

The results?

94% said yes.

A minuscule 3% said no.

3% said they were unsure.


776 people voted in the poll, and it was retweeted 81 times, ensuring it had a wide exposure.

While it’s not a ‘scientific’ poll, it shows what many real people out there are really thinking about Ford’s decision, in contrast to the media elites trying to create mass hysteria around the cost-saving move.

Interestingly, a survey conducted by Forum Research in late 2015 found that 52% of Torontonians favoured cutting the city council to 22 councillors (which matched riding boundaries at the time), while just 27% opposed it.

In fact, 60% surveyed in that poll wanted term limits for councillors, and 56% wanted term limits for the mayor.

Clearly, the people are on Doug Ford’s side, while the elites try to push deceptive propaganda to give the appearance of opposition where there really isn’t much at all.

People want less money spent on politicians, and more going towards key priorities like more police, better roads, better transit, and keeping taxes low.

Ford gets it. The elites don’t, and they never will.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter