POLL: Massive Support For Doug Ford Slashing Toronto City Council

Media hysteria doesn’t represent what people actually think.

A Twitter survey shows overwhelming support for Doug Ford’s decision to slash Toronto City Council from 47 to 25 councillors.

I posted the following question on Twitter:

“VOTE: Do you support Doug Ford’s plan to slash Toronto City Council?”

The results?

94% said yes.

A minuscule 3% said no.

3% said they were unsure.


776 people voted in the poll, and it was retweeted 81 times, ensuring it had a wide exposure.

While it’s not a ‘scientific’ poll, it shows what many real people out there are really thinking about Ford’s decision, in contrast to the media elites trying to create mass hysteria around the cost-saving move.

Interestingly, a survey conducted by Forum Research in late 2015 found that 52% of Torontonians favoured cutting the city council to 22 councillors (which matched riding boundaries at the time), while just 27% opposed it.

In fact, 60% surveyed in that poll wanted term limits for councillors, and 56% wanted term limits for the mayor.

Clearly, the people are on Doug Ford’s side, while the elites try to push deceptive propaganda to give the appearance of opposition where there really isn’t much at all.

People want less money spent on politicians, and more going towards key priorities like more police, better roads, better transit, and keeping taxes low.

Ford gets it. The elites don’t, and they never will.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Fred Dimmick

Spencer I think you do a fantastic job exposing the truth on politics, but I don’t believe the anti Ford crew are likely to be viewing or responding to your ‘tweets’ so the real numbers are probably not quite as extreme. The left will be absolutely opposed to any change they don’t implement.




Yes, I agree with the cut but not the timing. It should have been put bin place for the next election 4 years from now. This and a lot of other towns. How about towns of just 5,500 people get to elect 2 Councillors? Is’t this ridiculous?

tTommy Hawk

Well, if one can believe the poll and there is no reason why not, we see an elected official actually understanding what should and must be done and is taking steps to ‘get it done.’ This move, in and of itself, proves there is still a reality out there — minuscule as it may be — and we can hope more will be found before it is too late. Damn, it is good to see such responsibility from an elected individual who, apparently, believes what he told voters while campaigning — and that, in itself in today’s world, is truly… Read more »

weston Leeson

I believe he is doing what is right, He is stating that there is a need to cut were necessary.


Doug Ford is doing a great job!


I completely support Doug Ford in his decision. However Twitter is not the source of information about public opinion. First who and how often turn to Twitter? Second what is the geography of responses? Without such kind of poll I may say that close to 60% support Ford decision. However who are those 40% of those who oppose – people who belong to other political parties, people who are directly related to some of the city council members, and also those who just want to support their friends and relatives who oppose Ford’s strategy to save money for the province.… Read more »

Miles Lunn

Exactly, Forum has a poll on this and shows 47% of Toronto residents opposed, 35% in favour. Nonetheless a slight plurality in Etobicoke and Scarborough (where Ford won) favour it, and slight plurality in North York (which he won oppose it), while a strong majority in York, East York, and old city of Toronto oppose it, all areas that went largely NDP. So more Toronto residents oppose than favour it, but it appears most who oppose it didn’t vote PC to begin with and amongst those who supported the PCs most support it.