UNHINGED: Lib Leftists Go Nuts After Ford Cuts Elitist Pols

Why are they angrier at Doug Ford than they are at Faisal Hussain?

In the wake of Doug Ford’s great decision to slash Toronto City Council down to size from 47 to 25 councillors, the unhinged leftists have gotten even worse.

Andrea Horwath called Ford a “dictator.”

Naheed Nenshi used similar messaging, calling Ford a “tin pot dictator.”

Far-left mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat says wants Toronto to secede from Ontario.

And Liberal MP Adam Vaughan seemed to go the most insane, calling Ford’s move “vindictive and destructive” and going on a tweet storm about how it needs to be fought – even though Ford has the total authority to do it.

Wow. You would think something serious actually happened, rather than some elitist politicians getting canned.

Of course, being unhinged is nothing new for the left, who regularly go crazy whenever a true leader redirects money from the elites back to the people.

But still, this latest eruption of insanity raises a disturbing question:

Why are the leftists angrier at Doug Ford than they are at Faisal Hussain?

The language and viciousness they’re using to attack Ford is far beyond anything they said about Hussain. It’s absurd that they’ve expressed more outrage over some politicians losing their jobs than they have about innocent people losing their lives.

As I said on Twitter, “The Trudeau government is calling Doug Ford’s awesome cuts to Toronto City Council “vindictive and destructive.” That’s far tougher than the language they used following the Toronto mass shooting. Think about what that means.”


Unfortunately, this is a clear sign that the left is becoming increasingly disconnected with reality, which makes them far more dangerous. If they are willing to demonize their political opponents to such a massive extent that their anger surpasses what they expressed towards a possible terrorist who killed innocent people, then who knows what else they might do as their unhinged rage increases.

Hopefully they’ll come to their senses, regain a sense of perspective, and rejoin reality. But so far, that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Glen Aldridge

For once a Politician is actually following what he was elected to do – Follow the wishes of the Public. Funny how they seem to forget that they ARE still employees & should stop acting like Divas!


Spencer you say it so well, thank you but they are Lieberal/NDP in Toronto, so sad you think they would see that this will help the city and save them money, but they demonize a good man for the crooked elitists to put them farther in debt.


It’s “vindictive and destructive” for Doug Ford to be keeping his promise of fiscal responsibility and for taking away some entitled political jobs according to the leftist Trudeau government. The media clearly has a bad case of Ford Derangement Syndrome, similar to the Trump Derangement Syndrome in the US. Everything thing Ford does or will do will be met with hysteria while the media set their hair on fire. How refreshing to finally have a Canadian leader who has the radial idea that taxpayers should be able to keep more of their own money, and that he believes in following… Read more »

shawn harris

Most everyone , who still have basic common sense left, can see clearly that the left is now clearly exposed as being totally out of touch with reality. The leftist liberals especially have now gone so far to the left, they are now communists , without actually saying they are. Also, the public have had enough of the pressure tactics, trying to force everyone to be exactly like them and accept political correctness, gender politics, and social justice as the only way to live. People just want their freedom to live their lives the way they want to and not… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

Well done, Premier Ford. What a perfect way to start his term of office. The indignation, hissy fits and name calling by the leftie brigade was hilarious and proved beyond any reasonable doubt he did the right thing and sent a clear message that he means business.

Tom Clark

So Jennifer Keesmaat wants Toronto to secede from Ontario eh. She may be interested to learn that before the new Government and Doug Ford were elected and the Liebrals ruled Rural Ontario wished they would secede.

Christopher Kastner

I pray that this is it for failed socialist parties in Ontario and that it may spread as a cure to a world that has gone mentally ill and chooses to displace and murder for profit…

chris malmstrom

Who really cares what Adam Vaughan thinks? His moronic antics when he was on city council, should have pushed him out of the political arena for good, not reward him with a seat in Ottawa. When Rob was mayor, Adam opposed EVERYTHING Rob put forward…he was anti-Ford then, as he remains now.
Slashing political seats is the best thing for Ontario, kudos Doug!

Moe S.

“Leaving it up to these councilors to voluntarily cut their numbers would be like asking turkey’s to vote for Thanksgiving.” (quote by Ford/2013) Too bad, so sad, these career politician turkeys are headed for the chopping block.