While Illegal Border Crossers Get Free Services, Canadian Troops Have To Pay For Their Combat Boots Upfront

The government even says “There is no set time for how long this reimbursement process should take.”

A SpencerFernando.com reader recently sent me an email that included a link to the Canadian Army website.

It’s about the Canadian Armed Forces Combat Boot Funding Assistance Program,” and features the frequently asked questions.

At this point, you may be wondering, why does there need to be a combat boot funding assistance program in the first place? Aren’t the boots automatically provided?

Well, it turns out they’re not.

Brutally, the government even refers to it as an “entitlement”:

“All CAF (Regular Force and Primary Reserve) members who are authorized to draw combat boots as part of their scale of issue are entitled to use this program after having completed their Basic Military Qualification (BMQ). Reserve soldiers must be on the effective strength of their unit in order to be entitled.

Tier 1 units are entitled to be reimbursed the stated amount every fiscal year.

Tier 2 units are entitled to be reimbursed the stated amount every two fiscal years.

Tier 3 units are entitled to be reimbursed the stated amount every three fiscal years.

Entitled individuals must complete this process while on the effective strength of their unit. If a member is posted from a Tier 1 unit to a Tier 2 unit, they must have finished the claim process before being posted to the Tier 2 unit in order to be entitled annually.”

Here are some other key sections from the FAQ:

“Your claim must be submitted within the entitlement year (fiscal year). If you do not use your entitlement, the funds do not carry over into the next year.”

“Can I be reimbursed for the costs of repairing or re-soling my current pair of combat boots?

No. This program will only provide reimbursement of the purchase of replacement combat boots. Lace replacement is not covered under this program.”

“How long will it take to be reimbursed for the purchase of my boots?

There is no set time for how long this reimbursement process should take. Depending on how many claims your base cashier is processing, this process should take no more time than the average claim. Claim advances will be permitted on a case-by-case basis.”

This is disgusting.

Canadian troops are being forced to pay for their own boots upfront, while illegal border crossers are getting taxpayer-funded services.

Once again, we see that the federal government treats law-abiding Canadians, and those brave Canadians who defend our nation, far worse than they treat those who have violated our laws.

Something is seriously broken in the minds of those in charge, and it gives the feeling that things are turned totally upside-down.

Spencer Fernando

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disgusting is putting it mildly …the real disgusting thing is this unfit , irresponsible , so called leader …who disappears when convenient for him and who spews rhetoric when found


He plans to use blue helmets with white vehicles instead. That is the only thing that makes sense regarding his actions toward our military. Just recognize the difference between will not and cannot.

A CAF Member

The military that’s getting paid more, getting more benefits, getting policies it’s been asking its leadership for, and has pretty high morale? You don’t know what you’re talking about.


Putting their best foot forward – Canadian Armed Forces expanding options with an individual combat boot purchase program YESTERDAY · PUBLIC By Antonia Lafkas, Army Public Affairs Ottawa, Ontario — Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members will soon be able to step up their choices when it comes to their combat boots. The CAF has a new program to equip eligible members with temperate boots that better meet individual fit, form and functional requirements. Eligibility for the program is limited to personnel entitled to wear combat boots as part of their regular duties. Central to this decision is the CAF’s fundamental commitment to… Read more »


ok Everyone pull up their boot straps and rummage their closets for footwear pronto,
I personally will give up my 30 year old cowboy boots for the cause .
Will toss in my 30 year old back pack from 1985 trip to Europe while I’m at it .
Heh , its only Canadian to chip in right ?

A CAF member

Nah , we will take advantage of the awesome new policy and buy good boots and get reimbursed thanks..


the liberals under the traitor Trudeau are just plain sick


Typical CBC blocking the information or anything against Trudeau. Welcome to the new Canada and be afraid very afraid because changes for the worst keep happening.

A CAF Member

This, like all the other changes for the CAF under Trudeau, is awesome.

Norbert Kausen

REALLY???!!! This is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!!! When I was in the army, we WERE provided with combat boots, We were also fitted with amd issued the proper environmental combat boots, prior to deployment. WHAT has HAPPENED???

Cpl B Beamish

What’s happening is a terrible spin on the story. Read the CANFORGEN. Troops will still be given an initial issue and every one of us has been dreaming of this day forever. We have been asking for this system for years.

Carl Gustav

Our supply/procurement system is a joke. We keep getting the lowest bidder to produce our boots & they lack quality & substance. The last batch of (brown/tan) boots fell apart after a few months. I’ve been buying my own boots for over 15 yrs (SWATs) & will continue to do so regardless of the latest CANFORGEN. THIS new way will actually save the tax payers a lot of money !! We can get quality proven boots and Base Supply doesn’t have to stock the shelves w/ thousands of pairs of boots to cover everyone. You need boots, you go buy… Read more »


“Canadian troops are being forced to pay for their own boots upfront, while illegal border crossers are getting taxpayer-funded services.”

That pretty much sums it up.
Perhaps it would be in the best interest of all parties concerned, if CANADA created a boot factory, and created immediate employment for those ‘Irregular Boarder-Crossers’.
And while in think-mode, they should start manufacturing a whole lot more, thus, creating solid long-term employment to strengthen our country.

But that’s common sense, and you know how much the libtards hate competition.


Canada had a boot factory that made the boots for the armed forces, but the government now pays China to make them and our factory is closed.

A CAF Member

Every single boot issued by the Canadian Armed Forces is made in Canada. Current manufactures include Boulet, Royer, and others.

A CAF Member

We *have* boot factories. The boots that the CAF has bought over the years have been absolute junk. That’s why soldiers have long bought their own, because what works for some people doesn’t work for others.
This policy is something troops themselves have been asking for for a very long time.

Ron Werner

When I was in the military in 85 to 91 combat boots were issued and had to be returned when I was released. I believe I paid to keep my seaboots.

If these are REQUIRED for duty then they should be part of your uniform kit. Even on MASH boots were hard to come by. Govt wastes more money than it would cost to give every person in the country a pair of boots.

A CAF Member

That’s how it worked before this policy change, and still will. However, boots procured through the supply system don’t work well for everyone and many troops have chosen to buy their own boots for a long time. This was tolerated eventually but wasn’t the right way forward. Now we get compensated.

We’ve been asking for this for a long time. We are really happy about it.

A CAF Member

They are. You can get boots issued. Or, like so many of us, you can decide that there are far better boots available commercially than what the supply system can get under procurement rules. You then go buy your own and treat it as an investment in being more comfortable. Now, though, you can do so and within policy get a reimbursement for it.
This is something soldiers have been asking for for over a decade, at least, finally happening.

John Smith

It’s not upside down, it’s backwards. Lefty’s suffer from backwards-brain. They think the good guys are the bad guys and the bad guys are the good guys. They complicate simple things and simplify complicated things. They think the the exception is the rule and the rule is the exception. They think the grain (of truth) is the whole bag and the bag is the single grain. They think being mean is being nice and being nice is mean.

A CAF Member

You’re angry about troops getting something they’d been asking for for years.

Phil Alexander

P.M. Village Idiot is making sure the barefoot soldiers are gender equal, so all is well in the progressive agenda.

A CAF Member

Don’t think an internal policy change would have anything to do with the PM, but this is great. It’s what we have been asking for for many years. We’ve been buying our own boots because we can get better than anything the government can supply, now we don’t have to spend our own money on them. You won’t find any soldiers mad about this change.

Brian Dougan

“The soldiers even have to buy their own laces.” Guess the savings will help balance the “self balancing” budget. If you’re blood isn’t boiling; this odious; vermin government spent close to $800,000–feeding “irregular” border jumpers. The food must meet their “religious needs.” This information is in a puff piece by the CBC–here’s the link. If you can stand to read it. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/asylum-seekers-treatment-at-canadian-borders-1.4747890

Brian dougan

Further to the above: Maybe Turdeau has hired a professional chef for the border jumpers?? It is to weep.


Look at all the governments around the world. Where government’s have been overthrown it’s usually by the military. The Liberals keep enough of them for peacekeeping, so Canada (Trudeau) can look good at the U.N., after all Canada is back! Keep the rest of us unarmed and inside, and the Libs are happy. Too bad, because the professional soldiers we have always do the country proud.


It’s like the military is bankrupt. Will Turdeau blame it on Harper? You bet he will, even though the Turdeau Liberals were handed a surplus which they squandered. Defund the military and there will be nobody to defend against foreign threats and terrorists

A CAF Member

The military announcing they’ll reimburse soldiers for buying good boots sounds real bankrupt.

This is something troops have wanted for many, many years. No one in the CAF is upset about this. They’re pretty happy.


While our rich politicians get richer and vote themselves and friends in more perks and money at taxpayers expense and causing more Canadian debt, they waste much more of this Canadian money on foreign countries and projects out of Canada for the UN and any other things that will get them into the “Lieberal one world government” and utopia for the elites and greedy rich. So they are only keeping Canadian forces as cheaply as possible as they don’t need them, but we do as Canadians, to believe we still have a country, as Canadians we respect and need these… Read more »

Fred Dimmick

Canada? Our troops have to up front payment for their damn boots?? WTF???
No longer a country, just another socialist migration refugee camp !

A CAF Member

Prior to this, we didn’t get reimbursed at all for buying good boots. We’re pretty happy about this.

Ron Shaw

I’m proposing a Canada wide bake sale to raise funds for our boys combat boots . Once the free world hears this then I’m sure we’ll raise enough money for footwear that Todubb can’t afford now because he’s to busy giving it away to terrorists , border jumpers and personal trampolines . Sorry Canada we truly elected a complete moron with the iq of a french fry .


I actually think you have a good idea there. Can you imagine the world watching an how embarrassing it would be for the federal government that they have to admit they cannot afford to supply necessary gear for these fine people who defend Canadians. First Annual Canada Boots on the Ground bake sale 2018 with a nice slogan like Where Has All the money gone to the tune of Where Have all the Flowers gone,

A CAF Member

Why would you raise funds for something we’re getting from the system?! It’s like you totally misunderstand what’s just happened, which I guess isn’t surprising, since Spencer doesn’t understand it either.

This is *exactly* what those in uniform have been asking for for a long time.


We dont know how long it will take true, however most service members I know love this idea of being able to buy our own boots. The last who knows how many attempts were terrible. We can finally have a way of getting quality footwear for each individual soldier.

A CAF Member

We know how long it’ll take. The same amount of time any CF52 General Allowance claim takes clerks to process, not long at all.

Marcel Matte

We will have to wait for Fox News to report on this because we know, apart from Sun News, the rest of the liberal paid off MSM will not touch this because if they do, it will piss off Peter Pan in the PMO.

A CAF Member

It got brief reporting because it isn’t very interesting. Soldiers just got exactly what they’ve been asking for from their leaders. Since some of us spend thousands of dollars on boots, it’s nice we now will get reimbursed. It’s amazing people are so mad about something they clearly don’t understand.


And again we have many speaking out & complaining but I will ask again, HOW MANY OF YOU VOTED FOR THE LIBS?

A CAF Member

Me. Glad I did, too, this policy has been a long time coming.


Just so everyone is clear, they do issue combat boots, the entitlement is for people who want to buy boots that are not issued

tTommy Hawk

“…..this is disgusting” is one way of putting it.

Another way is “insane.” Only a Liberal government would/ could dream up something so absolutely insane.

But, on the other hand, no one has ever been capable of clearly demonstrating that the Liberal government, or Liberals, for that matter, are capable of recognizing reality — and that will never change.

A CAF Member

It’s neither. They didn’t dream it up either, troops asked their leaders, leaders asked the government, and everyone’s pretty happy about it.

A CAF Member

Reality recognized: “It’s really hard to find a boot that works for every soldier.”

Reality recognized: “Other militaries let their troops choose boots and provide them reimbursement or allowances for them.”

Reality recognized: “This is what the troops have been asking for for many, many years.”

Reality recognized: “There’s no good reason not to do this.”

We’re happy about this. It’s one of the best policy announcements in recent memory.

alan skelhorne

sorry fernando, i can,t read this article right through, as a matter of fact, i read maybe 2 to 3 comments. and a tear rolled down my cheek, i am 70 years old today, and too see this country fall apart on purpose, its just disheartening.

A CAF Member

Because soldiers got a policy they have asked for?


Sounds like its an optional program we can use because some members are not happy with the current use of boots. Doesnt sound like the only option. The current ones are not as sustainable as brand name comats like swats or magnums etc. Thats the real issue. Not this spin doctors version.

Cpl B Beamish

No. It’s not disgusting. It’s actually exactly what we, the soldiers have been begging for, for years. It’s a far superior system for us as ground troops and everybody is really excited and happy about it. The ability to choose our own combat boots, purchase them where and how we like and get reimbursed instead of dealing with sub-par, one-fits-all issues boots or going out of pocket to wear something better that fits and feels good is a godsend.

A CAF Member

My mind is blown by this guy spinning this into a bad thing.


Thanks for clearing this up. I for one would be interested in the make and type of boots that are chosen. Many more may be also. A person should make a list hmmm. A little reimbursement perhaps for researching Canadian Forces select choice of footwear. As we have just learned, policies always aren’t what they may seem to be. But it goes with the boot policy!

A CAF Member

Well, among the popular options are Rocky SV2s, and boots made by Lowa, Hanwag, Meindl, Oakley, and Under Armour. Hi-Tec Magnums and Original SWAT boots are popular among soldiers as well, but they’re less durable. They sell well because they’re cheaper. but they’re a false economy. The pretty generous allowance gives soldiers incentive to invest in a good pair of boots that will last a while. We’re all pretty happy about it.


Thank you sir, an old dog learned a few tricks here. May your trails always be safe.

A CAF Member

For giving troops what they’ve asked for for a long time?

Wendy Lush

Just after World War II, Canada had the largest volunteer army in history, and possessed the 4th-largest air force and 5th-largest naval fleet in the world. How the mighty have fallen.

A CAF Member

Those things are incredibly expensive to maintain, and Canadians would rather their tax dollars be spent on services they need.

A CAF Member

That status came after six years of total war. I don’t think you’d want to relive that. Feel like having to save your ration coupons to get meat?