STATE-CONTROLLED MEDIA? As Trudeau Takes Endless “Personal” Days, CTV Focuses On What Matters: His Brunch With A TV Star

It seems CTV is now joining CBC as Canada’s second state-controlled broadcaster.

Among many Canadians, Justin Trudeau has faced massive criticism for his repeated “personal” days following the Toronto mass shooting attack.

But on CTV, here’s what they’re talking about:

“Can you believe? Justin Trudeau to brunch with Queer Eye star”

Look at that again.

“Can you believe?”

What the hell is that about?

As J.J. McCullough said on Twitter, “This is different from a Trudeau press release… how?”

McCullough is exactly right. Just look at some of the CTV article:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting with one of the Fab Five from Netflix’s smash hit “Queer Eye” for a special Pride-themed brunch.

Antoni Porowski, the show’s food and wine expert, will sit down with Trudeau at a brunch reception in Montreal in August. The pair is expected to discuss the “importance of Pride and Canada’s contributions to the world today,” according to the Liberal party.

Trudeau’s party is using the event as a fundraiser. Anyone who donates to the party is entered for a chance to win return airfare and two passes to the event.”

This is the kind of thing political parties do at fundraisers, so that’s not the problem. The problem is a supposed “news organization” sharing what appears to be a press release without making that clear.

And the bigger issue is that CTV should be doing the job of real news and hammering Trudeau for his repeated personal days and lack of leadership following the Toronto attack.

If it had been Harper who skipped town and avoided his job for a week following a horrific attack, CTV would be shredding him mercilessly.

But when it’s Trudeau, they act like a state-controlled broadcaster and pimp themselves out for his political benefit.

It’s a disgrace.

The establishment media continue discrediting themselves on a daily basis. They’ve forgotten that the job of the media is to hold the government accountable based on the facts, and they’ve instead decided to serve as a propaganda mouthpiece for those in power.

This is why websites like are growing so fast. It’s clear that the job of actually bringing real accountability has fallen to the alternative media.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

Unlike the CBC (and CTV who are likely going to start begging for taxpayer-funded bailouts from Trudeau) people support my writing voluntarily. If you would like to support, you can help contribute through PayPal at the button below:

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Gerri Page

He doesn’t even act like a PM. He is as stupid as they come and acts like he is so important and Hollywoodland would fawn over him. A nobody that no one would give a second glance to takes vacations from the time he was elected on our tax dollar and there isn’t a damn thing we can do to get rid of him other than the next election. Andrew Scheer is just what the Liberals ordered, weak and too much of a feminist to lead Canada. He is never visible other than wanting money from us. We are in… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more Gerri – we are in real trouble with Scheer. I also don’t trust him since as soon as he was elected leader of the party whipped them all into voting with the Libs on the Paris climate farce. He also seems to be in hiding and no more a leader than Trudeau. This country is in deep trouble.


You’re full of crap Gerri re. Andrew Scheer being weak and too much of a feminist!
Have you ever watched him in Question Period??
He makes Justine look, sound and act like Lassie-shake a paw!!!!!!He would be head and shoulders above our current, disastrous PM, who has no strengths and is obviously in love with himself to the point where he thinks he doesn’t need to lower himself to answer any questions from ANYONE!!!


Andrew is the best thing to ever happen to the federal liberals and their chances of being reelected next year. Doug Ford naively fell for the Gerald Butts anti-Trump strategy for NAFTA following the failure of the G6+1 Quebec meeting; getting Canadians to unite as one “patriotic” movement in a push back against evil Donald [and hence support our Dear Leader Justin the Wise]. Truth is there are no authentic conservatives left if this actual “post nation state”. Max Bernier or Michelle Rempel have more fortitude than Scheer. I pretty much gave up on Canada and that is why I… Read more »


CTV has been in the Trudeau camp sver since Lisa LaFlamne expressed her love for him during the last election.


Not surprising since most of the media has been far left supporters which can be seen daily. There is no unbiased media in canaduh, never has been for decades.


Oh well they elected a silly elitist conceited drama queen to represent the terrorist Lieberals,/NDP to keep our minds focused on their dog and pony show, so we don’t notice these disgraceful disgusting UN agendas, which the news media should be alarmed about among other alarming things, and yet are tax dollars are working against us, again. Has anyone been following what the UN is not doing for the millions of Venezuela people, nothing that helps them. Do we need to keep going to the Lieberal/NDP dog and pony show to see what our fake government is really doing, the… Read more »


You took the words right out of my mouth.
” It’s clear that the job of actually bringing real accountability has fallen to the alternative media”
I literally cut-off television ‘programing’ and threw out my TV some 12 years ago with no regrets.

Never felt better or more informed!

shawn harris

Mainstream media long ago abandoned it’s role of informing the public with important news and information. Now it presents itself as entertainers of the public, dressed up as serious news reporting. The mainstream media would rather report a story with a view that supports their ideology or agenda rather than just tell the truth and let the public decide, what to believe. Mainstream media actually thinks, believes that the public just can’t or won’t accept the unvarnished truth, for fear of being called fear mongers, racists, or worse being called right wing conservative supporters. And it doesn’t help the public… Read more »


Thanks SHAWN, It makes me feel sad and angry every morning to think of the mess we are all in because of the cesspool in Ottawa and the Un news .It is long overdue time to dismantle the CBC and rebuild a Canadian News that stands on their own with no liberal bail outs . As for Andrew I think he is being too careful in Public although knows full well what will be needed to put Canaduh back together. He is intelligent and forthright and 100 times the man Jihad Justin will ever be ,so lets get to work… Read more »


If that’s what CTV thinks is newsworthy, Canada is in TROUBLE!


Most important now, is that Canadians band together to ensure that Trudeau and his crew don’t get a second term. It’s going to take decades as it is, to pay for and clean up the mess he’s created, not to mention the legislation that will need to be rescinded and amended, and an economy to grow, not from the heart out, but by encouraging investment, completing trade agreements, reducing taxes and building pipelines and infrastructure, all of which this government has failed to do. As well, The next government also needs to sell off the CBC and all its assets… Read more »

Kerry Clark

Recall Legislation is something I’ve been pushing for, for over a year now. It’s the only way to keep politicians honest! Jason Kenney was a promoter of this when he was running for leadership of the UCP but, I haven’t heard much about it since he won that race. That’s something that should be entrenched in our Constitution so it can’t be changed by ANY political party without our say so!

Marlene Stobbart

As a former writer my comment. Fair and balanced reporting. Cbc is owned by this liberal government but one could expect more from CTV which makes one question who is its CEO? The orders come from the top down to the editors. Make no mistake on that. Since CTV is located in eastern Canada one then question who are they delivering the news to? Imho Canada has the very worst PM ever. Facts speak for themselves!

occupant 9

There’s been more than enough of this kind of “reporting” over the years in the US regarding Obama that any thinking person should come to expect it. Our age, despite the access to info, is one of the dumbest and to that end, those who in other times might have seen their duty to expand knowledge, see their duty to dilute or destroy.

alan skelhorne

now here is a reaser for all you people, lol. tell me in your opinion whst will mr. prissypants wear on the day.

Eric Blair

At least with CTV their shows can be not watched, boycotted even and then their advertisers will not both to advertise with them or not pay them the going rate for time slots. They have an Achilles’ Heel whereas the CBC does not in that respect. CBC don’t care about viewership as the government broadcaster gets their stipend from the Liberals no matter how many don’t watch their programs. Myself I only use alternative media to get my information and only occasionally refer to CTV’s website to see if they bother to cover topics well covered on the alternative sites.… Read more »


So Sox Boy is just doing the Liberal identity politics dance for next election. If he can get enough special interest groups thinking he loves them, they will vote for him. Oh, and free stuff. It’s so cringing to be a Canadian right now. And I love Canada.


If you are a Canadian, let me give you some advice. As it is obvious to all of a sane and responsible mind, the man currently holding the office of prime minister, is nothing short of a babbling fool, know that he was installed by globalist individuals exploiting the fool’s name for their sake and goals. To ensure the fool is sent out to pasture in Oct 2019, one of the activities we must engage in, is staying vigilant to support the alternate news channels like this one created by Spencer Fernando as most of the established media are fully… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Let’s face it, for Justin Trudeau for whole Prime Ministership is a power-trip, a celebrity thing: the parties, the parades, the vacations, jet-setting around the world, female adulation, sanctimonious virtue signaling, vacuous speeches, TV interviews, pot legalization, selfies, photoshoots (Vogue, Chatelaine, Rolling Stone), more parades, .. Other celebs have ventured into political life, such as Ronald Reagan, Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan (governor of Minnesota), Clint Eastwood (mayor of Carmel Calif), Jerry Springer (mayor of Cincinnati), Sonny Bono, Al Franken, and so on. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark “Data” Zuckerberg have hinted they want to run for President (God forbid). You… Read more »


Make Canada great again and in 2019 let’s make Trudeau a Drama teacher again!


Just curious. Is that other guy with Trudeau his brother? They look alike. Is this Trudeau doing election campaigning? The deplorables won’t vote for him so he needs to find more diverse groups for votes.

Wendy Lush

* correction: “Let’s face it, for Justin Trudeau the whole prime ministership ..”