STATE-CONTROLLED MEDIA? As Trudeau Takes Endless “Personal” Days, CTV Focuses On What Matters: His Brunch With A TV Star

It seems CTV is now joining CBC as Canada’s second state-controlled broadcaster.

Among many Canadians, Justin Trudeau has faced massive criticism for his repeated “personal” days following the Toronto mass shooting attack.

But on CTV, here’s what they’re talking about:

“Can you believe? Justin Trudeau to brunch with Queer Eye star”

Look at that again.

“Can you believe?”

What the hell is that about?

As J.J. McCullough said on Twitter, “This is different from a Trudeau press release… how?”

McCullough is exactly right. Just look at some of the CTV article:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting with one of the Fab Five from Netflix’s smash hit “Queer Eye” for a special Pride-themed brunch.

Antoni Porowski, the show’s food and wine expert, will sit down with Trudeau at a brunch reception in Montreal in August. The pair is expected to discuss the “importance of Pride and Canada’s contributions to the world today,” according to the Liberal party.

Trudeau’s party is using the event as a fundraiser. Anyone who donates to the party is entered for a chance to win return airfare and two passes to the event.”

This is the kind of thing political parties do at fundraisers, so that’s not the problem. The problem is a supposed “news organization” sharing what appears to be a press release without making that clear.

And the bigger issue is that CTV should be doing the job of real news and hammering Trudeau for his repeated personal days and lack of leadership following the Toronto attack.

If it had been Harper who skipped town and avoided his job for a week following a horrific attack, CTV would be shredding him mercilessly.

But when it’s Trudeau, they act like a state-controlled broadcaster and pimp themselves out for his political benefit.

It’s a disgrace.

The establishment media continue discrediting themselves on a daily basis. They’ve forgotten that the job of the media is to hold the government accountable based on the facts, and they’ve instead decided to serve as a propaganda mouthpiece for those in power.

This is why websites like are growing so fast. It’s clear that the job of actually bringing real accountability has fallen to the alternative media.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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