Conservatives Crush Trudeau Liberals In Cash Contest

The Conservatives are dominating in fundraising as the election year approaches.

While the polls bounce around, there’s one area in which the Conservatives are extending their lead over the Trudeau Liberals:


In Q2 of 2018, the Scheer-led Conservatives raised a total of $6,045,466. A total of 40,908 people donated.

Meanwhile, the Liberals raised $3,099,218. They had 31,692 donors.

The numbers for the NDP are terrible. They had 12,451 donors, and raised $872,401.

Unsurprisingly, the Bloc’s fundraising numbers collapsed. The party that once dominated Quebec in federal elections had just 530 donors, and pulled in $42,038.

These are good numbers for the Conservatives, as they show grassroots support remaining strong, and people still determined to get the Liberals out of office.

It’s also especially important for the Conservatives to have a financial advantage, since the Trudeau Liberals will get a huge uncounted boost of free advertising from the subservient establishment media. The Conservatives will have to run against both Trudeau and the media, and more money in the campaign war chest will help fight against that onslaught.

Still, the Trudeau Liberals have pushed legislation that will cut the amount that political parties can spend in campaigns – a measure widely seen as a move to rig the process against the Conservatives (who regularly outraise the Liberals).

It’s one of the many ways Trudeau and the Liberals have shown their undemocratic nature, trying to skew the system so that even when they lose, they come out ahead. The Conservatives will need to put every bit of money they get to good use in order to overcome that.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Don’t forget the billions the liberals have in a gov’t slush fund. They figure pre-writ drop gov’t spending will buy their next win.


Liberals will catch up later when their illegal foreign money comes in .

Sewer Rat

Can’t wait for the huge injection from the trudeau foundation and foreign foundations, such as Tides.

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau will likely look for more funding from George Soros and the Chinese…


If Canadians want radical Justin Trudeau gone they will vote him out period. No amount of money or media interference can change the fact the damage jihadi Justin has done to nation.
Mind you, nothing will surprise that the illegals will vote in massive numbers for jihadi trudeau to win another election. The same format used in 2004, that got Paul Martin re-elected.