Here’s Why Justin Trudeau’s Long Delay In Getting To Toronto Was Such A Big Mistake

Trudeau won’t be able to dismiss questions about why he took so long to respond to the Toronto shooting attack, yet responded so rapidly to other crises he could use for political gain.

Justin Trudeau’s has finally shown up in Toronto, and was fairly reasonable and respectful in how he handled himself at the somber memorial. There was some booing – which will likely be ignored by almost all the establishment media.

Yet, the fact that Trudeau finally showed up won’t make the criticism over his seemingly-endless vacation days go away.

It won’t change the fact that there is a huge difference between how Trudeau responded to other crises, particularly the fake crisis of the ‘hijab hoax,’ and how he decided to prioritize his vacation over visiting Toronto after the shooting attack.

Not only did Trudeau refuse to go to Toronto for some time, but he also didn’t even make an on-camera statement. He tweeted once, a press release was issued, and then that was it.

He then spent a bunch of personal days in BC, even as vigils were held that were attended by the top elected officials at other levels, including the Ontario Premier and the Toronto Mayor.

Trudeau simply disappeared.

Now, if he was another politician, if he was known for mostly working behind the scenes, his absence would have been somewhat understandable – but still not right.

But that’s not Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau usually shows up every chance there is for a photo-op, he’s constantly virtue-signalling, he’s endlessly getting his face in front of cameras.

And when he has a chance to use a crisis to push his own agenda, such as using the ‘hijab hoax’ to demonize millions of Canadians as ‘islamophobic,’ we’ve seen that he won’t hesitate to use it.

Yet, we see that when Islamist terrorism is a possibility in the Toronto attack, Trudeau did everything he could to avoid it for as long as possible – even as criticism rose.

That’s why Justin Trudeau’s long delay in getting to Toronto following the shooting attack was such a big mistake.

It has revealed clearly for all to see that his response to a crisis is based on a cynical political calculation, focused on his electoral interests above all else.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube