Report: US Hints NAFTA Deal With Mexico Getting Closer, Canada Not So Much

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says talks with Mexico are on “a pretty rapid track.”

The US and Mexico appear to be getting closer to a deal on NAFTA, a development that could leave Canada with badly weakened leverage in ongoing negotiations.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross recently said“Our immediate, most close-to-completion negotiations are with NAFTA, particularly with Mexico,” Ross said Monday at a conference in Washington, adding that President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has “wasted no time” appointing a new trade team. “There’s a pretty good chance that we could be on a pretty rapid track with the Mexican talks.”

These comments from Ross come as the US continues to telegraph their intention to push for a deal with Mexico in order to leave Canada’s negotiators in a more desperate situation. In particular, if the US and Mexico reach a deal on auto tariffs, that could put Canada in a very tough spot.

While Mexico has said they support a ‘trilateral’ deal, they have also shown a willingness to meet one-on-one with the US, while Canada stands on the sidelines.

The Trudeau government has faced criticism for rebuffing US attempts to get a one-on-one deal done in 2017, which came at a time when the US was angry at Mexico while feeling fine with Canada. At the time, the Trudeau government expressed “solidarity” with Mexico, a tactic which appears to have backfired as the US and Mexico got closer in negotiations, and increasing anger was directed towards Canadian negotiators.

Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau is on course to destroy this country. Destroying markets for manufacturing and illegal immigration open door policy to criminals.


I really wish we had a Canadian government for Canada, this renegotiation of NAFTA would already have been looked after, and until we do I would be scared and not trust, this fake foreign supported puppet lieberal/ndp governments actual true agenda doing yet more damage to our country. I hope Andrew Scheer has spoken to the US to hold off till we have a Canadian government because Lieberal/ndp puppets are destructive traitors to our country and if they get in power again Canada will no longer exist, and like Venezuela, we Canadians will now be refugees or begging for help… Read more »

shawn harris

Trudeau is just using these trade talks to achieve his own political goal of being reelected. While allowing our economy and economic future to stagnate and die. Why would Trudeau do this, it is very clear and simple, Trudeau needs a distraction big enough to cover up the enormous economic damage he has done to Canada. So, that way he can blame all of Canada’s, or more correctly his own self inflicted economic wounds on Harper, by focusing everyone’s attention on what Trump and America are doing to Canada. By saying , in a deceitful and lying way that he… Read more »