SURVEY: United Conservative Party Leads NDP By Huge Margin, Kenney More Popular Than Notley

The UCP has recovered from an earlier dip in the polls.

The United Conservative Party has opened up a wide lead over the NDP, recovering from an earlier narrowing in the polls.

According to Mainstreet Research, the UCP has 52%, the NDP is at 32.5%, the Alberta Party is at 5.4%, the Liberals are at 4.8%, and the Greens are at 3.1%.

Jason Kenney is also far more popular than Rachel Notley.

Kenney has a net favourable rating of +9.8%, while Notley has a net negative rating of -12.7%.

40.7% view Kenney positively, while 30.9% view him negatively.

By contrast, 33.9% view Notley positively, while 46.6% view her negatively.

The UCP leads across Alberta. They’re at 49.6% in Calgary, 49.5% in Edmonton, and 58.2% in the rest of the province.

While Notley had received a temporary boost after being seen as advocating for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the NDP’s socialist tax and spend policies and support of the carbon tax are widely opposed by Albertans, and Jason Kenney has been pushing for the smaller government, pro-economic growth approach that is resonates strongly.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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shawn harris

Conservatism and common sense are coming back all across Canada. The public from west to east are fed up with socialism and it’s devastating effects it has on the economy, jobs, and national unity.
Just as we here in Ontario threw out the corrupt Liberals of Kathleen wynne, Albertans are ready and waiting to throw out Notely and her corrupt crew. The message is on the wall, in big letters Liberalism and socialist thinking, governing are dead.
And Trudeau will be the last domino to fall .

Hopefully Trudeau voters wise up & trash him this

Hope you are correct & nice hair voters trash Trudeau, the last domino to crash & burn.

Miles Lunn

Definitely good numbers for the UCP and it is theirs to lose. That being said I remember in BC going into the 2013 election when the NDP led by Adrian Dix had similar numbers to Kenney and Notley’s were similar to Christy Clark’s and we all know what happened. While I think the odds of this happening are quite low, the UCP’s biggest danger is not people will suddenly start liking the NDP, rather it is complacency. The left maybe a minority in Alberta but they are very motivated to show up so the UCP not only has to bring… Read more »


Come on Alberta, vote Conservative so we can get our country back from the corrupt globalist puppets taking our cash and putting us in debt.


I can not believe that after what she had done to our province there is still that much support for this treasonis reched excuse for a politican. Are people that easily led to slaughter? Are your memories that short? Has she bloated our civil service that much that there numbers are almost in stride with those of the private sector?
Please do not forget who she is in bed with people. The guy in Ottawa who is hell bent on destroying our province or did you forget?