The Trudeau Government Has Been Doing Everything Possible To Devalue Canadian Citizenship

It poses a serious risk to our nation.

Canadian Citizenship is supposed to mean something.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government has been doing everything possible to devalue it.

They’ve fought for convicted terrorists to retain their citizenship.

They’ve put political virtue-signalling and international agreements above the well-being of Canadian workers.

And they’ve allowed our border to increasingly be treated with disrespect, which hurts Canadian citizens forced to cover the increasing costs, as well as punishing those who wish to come to Canada the legal way.

This is very dangerous, since a key source of unity in a nation is the sense that the obligations of citizenship come with benefits as well.

If a government continues to impose those obligations, while systematically devaluing those benefits, disunity and division will rise.

That’s why we all need to speak out against those who are weakening Canadian Citizenship, and ensure that it’s full meaning and value is restored.

Canada’s ability to achieve our full potential and strength depends on it.

Spencer Fernando

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