VIDEO: Ahmed Hussen Praises “Amazing” Pakistan Election Won By Pro-Blasphemy Law Politician

Pakistan’s recent elections were widely denounced by many as fraudulent. Yet Ahmed Hussen and the Trudeau government are more focused on pandering to get votes.

Incoming Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party ‘won’ the recent elections in Pakistan.

Those elections were widely denounced as fraudulent.

But that’s not even the most concerning part.

During the campaign, Imran Khan expressed support for ‘blasphemy laws.

According to the Economic Times of India, “Pakistan’s politicians, including PM hopeful Imran Khan, are mainstreaming extremism by invoking hardline issues like blasphemy to get votes, analysts say, warning the tactic could deepen sectarian fractures and potentially spill into violence. The warnings come as Pakistan confronts anger over a new wave of militant attacks which have killed 175 people at campaign events ahead of nationwide polls on July 25. The country’s long-persecuted religious minorities are on their guard as a result.”

Disturbingly, “Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician who is the main challenger in the election, has caused concern in recent weeks with his full-throated defence of Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy laws, which carry a maximum penalty of death. It is a hugely inflammatory charge in Pakistan. The state has never executed a blasphemy convict, but mere accusations of insulting Islam have sparked mob lynchings and murders.”

So, Khan was elected under dubious circumstances, and has expressed support for Islamist-style blasphemy laws. And yet, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen failed to mention any of that in recent remarks about Khan:

Yet again, the Trudeau government shows not only an unwillingness to confront Islamists, but a disturbing willingness to embrace them.

If Hussen and the Liberals truly believe there are votes to be gained by taking this approach, Canada is in more trouble than we thought.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Does anyone who is Canadian for Canada really want Lieberal/NDP representing them here in Canada, when these people are for other countries and not for Canada? Not trying to be a racist but, if they still are for different countries other than the good of Canada, why are they in Canada’s politics? When it is obvious they are not going to integrate into our Canadian way of life and make us a better country, just change our country to their countries way of life, which they left ? Am I even allowed to say this any more, have they already… Read more »


This is bordering on treason by Hussen.

Bradley Holdner

The proper charge would be sedition, first, however, treason would follow if it continues. Plus our current treasonous government has committed treason many times.


liberals idolize repressive regimes


Fanatics support fanatics! That is who they are.


A conversion from secular law to sharia law seems to be taking place in Canada by our Lieberal/NDP puppets. We need to integrate with them as they never will with us? More serious divisions in what was Canada. Something tells me this will still not be Lieberal/NDP’s dream of Pan Canada with one world Totalitarianism with sharia law, it is OK for Trudeau he has his costumes neatly hung up in his tax paid house. The USA will really love us then.