WATCH: Trudeau Attends Memorial For Danforth Shooting Attack Victims

Trudeau has faced extensive criticism for the long delay in ending his vacation and coming to Toronto following the mass shooting.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally arrived in Toronto following the mass shooting, after nearly a week on vacation.

Below, is video of Trudeau laying flowers at a memorial to Reese Fallon, Julianna Kozis, and those injured in the attack:

At a memorial service, Trudeau said the following:

“I just wanted to tell those young people, and everyone who is grieving and mourning that our loved ones, particularly extraordinary, beautiful ones like the two girls we lost, will be with us forever.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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James Stewart

Ironically, the Close Protection Party surrounding him will be armed! He should be ashamed of being there, when his policies have created the conditions for the terrorists (both foreign and domestic).

Sean Short

He felt so safe in the Canada he has created he had 5 security guards surround him while he acted the part of a berieved citizen. This is the direct result of his failed policies and mishandling of terrorists. Canadians are dying in Canadian streets. This is your fault Trudeau. Do as you promised. Take responsibility and resign! NOW!

D. Jerome Hauk

Why would I ever want to watch Trudeau laying flowers?


nothing but a photo op for the imbecile.


What a hypocrite! I hope that the families and all Canadians realize that this was a terrorist attack and Trudope loves terrorists! An absolute hypocrite!


I wonder what pattern socks he chose for his speedy, lackluster appearance?


Had I been burying a child after this attack, the funeral would have been seriously canonical (Anglican BCP) and totally closed to other than family and close friends. No virtue-signalling politicans allowed. Back in the day, family had to decide what to do when Dad died. He was a very well respected teacher in our small town, and a public funeral would have attracted many who wished to pay tribute to the man who had guided them through the perils of adolescence to adulthood. However, Dad’s wish was for a private funeral, which we honoured. Even the local paper co-operated… Read more »


His damn expression looks SO FAKE…I just wanna punch his face, maybe he’ll make the right expression and show REAL emotions for the REAL victims for a change…but, knowing he’s a frigging TRAITOR to our country and the Canadian people, I would only be wasting my time. We need this traitor OUT of office NOW….wishing really hard for this one.

Murray Stromberg

Hmmm …. Did anyone else hear him telling the young lady to get out of the way & then the snickering after his very disingenuous Sign of the Cross ? WOW


yes, he had to make a big show of praying and crossing himself so we all know what a good Catholic he is. He is such a bad actor. Disgusting.