BETRAYAL: Manchester Suicide Bomber Had Been RESCUED By The UK Navy In Libya

Salman Abedi ‘repaid’ his rescue by murdering 22 people at a concert.

It is being reported that Salman Abedi – the suicide bomber terrorist who murdered 22 innocent people at a concert in Manchester – had been RESCUED by the UK Navy in Libya.

That rescue enabled him to stay alive, and return to the UK – where he then carried out the horrific terrorist attack.

As noted by the Telegraph, “Abedi, then aged 19, was rescued from the Libyan coast by HMS Enterprise, according to the report, before being taken to Malta for his flight home. His younger brother Hashem, who is in jail in Tripoli facing trial over the attack, was also rescued by HMS Enterprise. It’s understood they were part of a group of 100 British citizens rescued.”

“A Whitehall source told the Mail: “For this man to have committed such an atrocity on UK soil after we rescued him from Libya was an act of utter betrayal.” The paper also quoted sources in London and family friends in Libya saying Salman Abedi was on HMS Enterprise.”

It has also emerged that Abedi had already been under investigation in January of 2014, a full 7 months before he was rescued at the expense of UK taxpayers.

Abedi owed his life to the UK Navy. He repaid the country he was supposed to be loyal to by butchering innocent citizens. It was an act of immense betrayal.

This is also a problem that could be faced by Canada. Many terrorists hiding within our midst are willing to travel to foreign countries, seek to kill innocent people, and then demand that Canada rescues them if they run into trouble.

The solution is very simple. Simply designate certain parts of the world as “no rescue zones.” If someone travels to  country in that designated zone against the danger advisory, then they simply won’t be rescued if they get into trouble. It puts the responsibility in the hands of those who choose to travel to warzones, and it ensures that Canadians aren’t being played for suckers by rescuing people who hate us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What they should’ve done was shoot him on site!


Spencer , we had a law similar by Mr Harper and the Conservatives, our fake foreign puppet government, not Liberals but Lieberals, cancelled it, when they should have made that law even stronger, If only we had a government for Canada.


Islam trumps nationality always. Especially kuffar nationality. To expect anything else is foolish.

Jen L. Jones

Abedi, of course, had absolutely no loyalty to the UK. It’s hard to understand that, since the UK had been so generous to his family, unless we question the teachings he absorbed throughout his childhood and youth. But no one is forthcoming with what his indoctrination consisted of. But one thing is sure: his so-called “radicalization”didn’t come about suddenly—it was inculcated in him, and seemingly in his brother too, over many years. Spencer, your suggestion about “no-rescue zones” is good and sensible, but I can hear the howls of outrage now from those who think “a Canadian is a Canadian… Read more »

Chris vrecko

Spencer, you are on the mark! But who would ever use common sense. Certainly not the liberals. Once the leave the homeland to fight for our enemies they’ve committed treason. Once treason is committed no help or money should be used on that person! Still pissed off at that 10 million.

Norbert Kausen

The British government should be held directly responsible… a people’s court to try the traitorous government, which is DIRECTLY culpable for this travesty!!! Those responsible and found guilty, should be HANGED, publicly!!!

Wendy Lush

Look at that guy … Evil on two legs.

There’s plenty of this type of ‘betrayal’ in Europe:

-The 2016 Nice Truck terrorist (86 people dead, 458 injured) was a Tunisian living in France.

-A Pakistani migrant was arrested for setting a fire near the military camp of Perama, Greece.
-The forest fires near Athens were arson (90 people dead), with heartbreaking results:
“Twin girls missing in Greek fires found dead embracing grandparents”

-Swedish crown jewels stolen by “non-Nordic” suspects from 900-year-old cathedral.

And so on. Horrible.