“DETERIORATING HEALTH”: Many Canadian Veterans Suffering As Trudeau Government Ignores Key Recommendations

Some Veterans are having to wait up to a year for treatment.

Key recommendations that could help Canadian Veterans are being ignored, and many Veterans are suffering as a result.

That’s according to the Veterans Ombudsman Guy Parent.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “Mr. Parent said in a report card to be released on Tuesday – a copy of which was obtained by The Globe and Mail – there are still long-standing issues that create significant hardships for former members of the armed forces. At the top of the list, he said, is the fact that some injured veterans are forgoing treatment in the first months after their retirement because the costs are not paid by the Veterans Affairs department until the therapy has been approved by bureaucrats. The decisions can take up to 50 weeks, he said, and the medical services are not covered retroactively.”

This has been a problem under both the previous Harper government, and the current Trudeau government. Notably however, the Trudeau government promised big improvements, but they clearly haven’t delivered:

‘“People may go a year without accessing treatment,” Mr. Parent said on Monday in a telephone interview. “Some of them may be in deteriorating health status because they don’t access treatment because they have to pay out of their own pocket.”

That was not the case under the old Pension Act, he said. Before 2006, veterans with service-related injuries were reimbursed for their medical expenses from the time they applied for coverage.”

The Trudeau government gave the usual, ‘progress has been made but there’s more work to do’ political BS response.

Of course, what makes this so egregious is that the Trudeau Liberals have massively increased federal spending – including on those who are in Canada illegally. Yet, even as all that taxpayer money flowed out the door, Trudeau said Veterans were asking for too much.

All the government has to do is simply accept and implement the ombudsman’s recommendations and ensure that Veterans don’t have to wait for treatment. It’s not rocket science. And if it costs more, it doesn’t matter. Veterans deserve the best, and it’s outrageous that they’re having to wait to get the help they need.

Considering all the money being spent on those entering Canada illegally, and all the money given away in foreign aid – redirecting those financial resources towards our Veterans would more than pay for what is necessary.

Spencer Fernando

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