LOL WUT: Guess Who Unhinged NDP MPP Compared Doug Ford To? (Hint: It Involves Russia)

NDP MPP Rima Berns-McGown also used the hashtag #electionrigging.

As Doug Ford continues keeping his promises by bringing in smaller, more efficient government and standing up for taxpayers, the radical-left socialists are becoming increasingly unhinged.

The latest example is NDP MPP Rima Berns-McGown, whose Twitter account says her location is “Turtle Island”:

“Doug Ford does democracy like Vladimir Putin

Someone needs to explain to him how it works in Ontario

#electionrigging #TOpoli #ONpoli”

This comparison is so dumb that it doesn’t even need to be refuted.

Also, Berns-McGown says someone needs to explain to Ford how things work in Ontario, except he’s using his authority under Ontario legislation to make the reductions in the Toronto Council size.

So, what exactly needs to be explained?

The fact that the radical-leftists are getting so unhinged at seeing fewer entitled politicians has exposed their true agenda. The NDP is not a party of working class people or middle class families. It’s a party of the political elites, focused on getting more taxpayer-funded money directed towards top-level bureaucrats and politicians, while workers get screwed over.

The more they oppose Ford’s actions, and the more crazy they become, the more the radical left NDP reveal their unfitness for power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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shawn harris

The NDP, just like the Liberals before them, just can’t stand to see that the very citizens they have been fooling and deceitfully deceiving for so long are now very aware of the dangers that socialism poses, the more it takes root in society. They no longer have any rational excuses or valid reasons for what they have been doing and propose to continue doing; that is enriching themselves at taxpayers expense and claim it is social justice and equality for everyone. The true irony here is that while the Liberals and NDP always preached social justice, equality and equal… Read more »


Doug Ford is the best we have in Canada so far. Whether he can ever be as good for Canada as Putin is for Russia, it’s too early to tell. Anyone who slags Putin is definitely reading too much “false news”.


That crazy old bag needs to be put in a nursing home

Ralph Knapp

In Ontario, municipalities are creatures of the Province and not independent entities. I suggest the NDP caucus enroll in a Grade VI civics course before they embarrass themselves again.

Tommy Hawk

You betcha — as are their twin political party — the Liberals. Back in the seventies while standing in a hallway in the House on the Hill and being admonished over some of my previous comments, two ‘members of the day’ were attempting to educate me to the ‘advantages’ of having a three-party political system. I told them then, and reiterate today, we do not have a three-party political system but, rather, a one-party system with three names. I stand by that c0mmnet today.