NAFTA NIGHTMARE: Trudeau’s Trade Rep Tried To Join US-Mexico Meeting (It Didn’t Go Well)

Canada’s leverage is rapidly evaporating.

The Trudeau government is trying to act like everything is going just fine with NAFTA negotiations.

It’s not.

And now, we know exactly how bad things are going.

As reported by Tom Blackwell in the National Post, “American officials have taken the “highly unusual” step of rejecting Canada’s bid to take part in senior-level NAFTA talks between the U.S. and Mexico later this week, sources familiar with the trade negotiations said Monday. One person said attempts by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to get a seat at the table in Washington Thursday were either ignored, or spurned outright by the office of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.”

“Another source said the request to be at the meeting was made in a low-key fashion “so as not to spark a diplomatic incident” and was followed by “a retreat to diplomatic silence.”’

And it gets even worse:

“Indeed, recent developments point to a steady souring of relations between Ottawa and the White House. Formal, three-way talks to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement have not been held since May, though had been expected to restart after the Mexican presidential election earlier this month. A third source briefed on the negotiations said the U.S. side, fuelled in part by Lighthizer’s dislike of Freeland, has decided to not even let Canada back into the process until it makes some kind of substantive concession.”

An epic reversal

This marks an epic reversal of fortune, and shows how badly Freeland and the Trudeau Liberals managed the process.

When NAFTA renegotiations started, the US was almost exclusively focused on Mexico. They even spoke of wanting a quick deal with Canada, so the US could focus exclusively on their trade deficit with Mexico. At that time, the Trudeau government said they stood in “solidarity” with Mexico, and wouldn’t even consider a bilateral deal with the US.


Now, the US and Mexico seem to be getting along quite well, are having bilateral talks, and are moving closer to a deal – without Canada even being in the room.

Meanwhile, the US has directed their ire towards Canada, with potentially devastating consequences for our economy.

This situation is an indictment of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland’s negotiating ‘strategy’, (if you can even call it that). Trudeau and Freeland pushed ‘gender’ issues and other virtue-signalling in an attempt to win votes in Canada, rather than focus on the actual negotiation. They also gave numerous speeches that were thinly-veiled condemnations of the US government, using far more critical language than they’ve used against Canada’s real ideological opponents like China.

This has left Canada without any leverage, as we could be forced to bend to the combined economic strength of the US and Mexico, being left with the scraps of whatever they decide.

It’s looking like a NAFTA Nightmare.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This is what happens when you let a Liberal try to run anything in the real world instead of sticking to their world of unicorns and rainbows.


Again, we do not have a Canadian government at present, it’s just the drama queens dog and pony show to collapse Canada for the UN/Soros, Clintons etc one world government agenadas, it has been proven that they were put in power by foreigners etc. etc. we have no laws to protect us, no laws to protect our country or citizenship. I bet the USA now realizes that we were helping to try and collapse or do damage to them also, as we have been trying to, so the little touch ups to our NAFTA deal would not take place or… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

I believe it will take years for Canada to recover from the damage, to the trade and business relationship with the USA, created by Trudeau’s government. Trump may be a jerk, but, he’s a successful business man. Mexico got the message and dumped alliance with Trudeau like a hot potato. Trudeau doesn’t get. How sad for Canada.


Could this be just part of the Liberal plan to destroy the Canadian economy? We are told this AM that the Canadian GDP has increased by a bit. Has total debt increased as well? Is this a fake GDP number? Is this Liberal GDP number created by credit card increases?


I don’t blame the Americans one bit! And, Canada needs to wake up to the fact that we have no special status, and if we do not respect the President of the US, and stop talking stupidity (gender equality), we or rather our idiot government will be shown the door!


As the flame sputters and dies the greatest transfer of wealth in history has just gotten started. The corrective action for Trudeau’s follies will take decades and much sacrifice. That is the good news. The bad news is we don’t have decades. A global monetary reset is imminent because all fiat debt based currencies eventually fail. Awash in debt that can never be repaid. At this time global debt is 15 times global GDP. 100% taxation for 15 years. That feeling in your gut is freedom evaporating. Yet the apathetic patriot says we are powerless against our economic masters. That… Read more »


Freeland is Soros’ girl – the mole in the Canadian government. Who needs to negotiate when we are being told what to do anyway? In matters of war and economics Canada is America’s trained monkey. Why would anyone in the world respect us?


Why should she attend a meeting btwn two other countries, regardless of the topic of their meeting?

Terry Mcmillan

Its NAFTA. North American Free Trade Agreement. That encludes. Canada,Mexico and the USA dumb dumb question.


This is not happening until the child calls and apologizes to President Trump for the BS he pulled at G7


Justin flubs it again. So much for his superiority. Little boy, “groper / selfie king has gotten Canada kicked out of the talks. When will this legend in his own mind fool learn? He needs to stop looking in the mirror and look to what’s really important.

Eleanor Merkus

Justy does not have the brain power to admit anything…He is the king of fools and we all know it!!!! He just doesn’t get it.


Mr, Dress-up will learn real quick come October 2019. This A$$hole will be past history and one of the biggest misstakes in Canadas history.

Don Taylor

the little boy Turdeau will never grow up which is quite apparent,he acts like a spoiled brat and he cant even get along with his neighbours, he would rather stab them in the back, like he did at the g7,when he was trying to act like a grown up,now we are paying for his ignorance


Seriously folks, I dont think it will take long for the economy to recover once we have a MAN in office instead of this Mr. Gropey Sparklesox. I think there will be expedited negotiations that will take place as soon as this virtue signalling social justice warrior is replaced, and it wont take long for things to begin to build steam and recover with some guidance from Mr. Trump’s team. Like him or hate him, he’s doing great things in the USA, and there is a distinct possibility that some negotiations are going on in the background to plan for… Read more »


More frightening still, is Trudeau’s tact has given him a boost in numbers!!


You wonder Canada needs to be Educated and open their eyes. Canada can’t operate like Hollywood !


It will take years to get Canada out of the financial mess this IDIOT Trudeau has created in three short years. Canada needs the U.S. a lot more than the U.S. needs Canada. Why this pathetic so called P.M. is still in power is beyond me.


It’s not the US “ire” that is causing our economic problems. It’s Trudeau and his socialist idealogy. Trudeau could cut taxes, cut regulations and encourage business. Frankly, Trudeau by his actions hates Canada. How else can you explain his contempt. My husband says Trudeau is stupid as an explaination. I don’t agree. He is an Obama, fundamentally changing…….read that destroying……..Canada. I don’t care why. It is just happening.

David Cameron

I agree with Justin. Banning plastic straws and separate washrooms for each of the 75 genders at all Tim Horton’s should be given priority at any NAFTA discussions. I think if Justin cried like a baby at any meeting it might bring Trump around.

Ivan Hawkes

Like the Phoenix payment system fiasco that has cost Canadians BILLIONS of wasted money. Like the temporary outdoor skating rink next to the Rideau canal that cost Canadians multiples of millions of WASTED money. Like the multiples of BILLIONS Justin GAVE AWAY… the destructive intent Justin pours upon Canadians is obvious. Canadians will be complete slaves to our debt, which is exactly the agenda of globalist direction handed DOWN to Justin to follow. Justin is a simple and convenient PUPPET for the globalist banksters to profit from. Face it, we’re screwed with Justin’s irresponsible, reckless, arrogant, inept attitude of self… Read more »


So many on here complaining about what is happening but how many of you were hoodwinked by the liberal propaganda machine & voted for this imbecile? Harper was 100% correct when he said jr is not ready. That should have been known when he was talking about globul & UN things. He never will be ready to run a country. With any luck at all, this will be the final nail in the countries coffin & it will finally cause the split of the east & west. The west is nothing but an economic source for ont/kbek & nothing will… Read more »