REPORT: Ford Government To Reform Welfare System, Scrap Basic Income Scheme

“We need to do more than just help people remain mired in poverty,” says Lisa MacLeod.

The Ontario PC Government has announced that they will reform the welfare system, in an effort to get more people off of welfare and into the workforce.

The government will also be shutting down the basic income pilot program.

Here’s what the Ford government said in a release:

“Ontario is working on a plan to reform Social Assistance so that it helps more people break the cycle of poverty, re-enter the workforce and get back on track.

“We need to do more than just help people remain mired in poverty,” said Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, in announcing the reform plan. “We’re going to hit the pause button on the previous government’s patchwork system and replace it with a system that helps stabilize people in need and support them to succeed.”

MacLeod highlighted that the government has set an accelerated 100 day deadline to develop and announce a sustainable Social Assistance program that focusses on helping people lift themselves out of poverty. In the intermediate term, the government will provide current Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program recipients with an across-the-board 1.5 per cent increase in support rates to help them with a higher cost of living. As part of this reform, MacLeod also announced that the Province will be winding down Ontario’s Basic Income research project in order to focus resources on more proven approaches.

“Our plan will help get people back to work and keep them working, while supporting people with disabilities to work when they are able and participate in their communities,” said MacLeod. “And our efforts to fix social assistance will go hand-in-hand with our commitments to reduce gas prices by 10 cents per litre, lower hydro rates, and provide targeted tax relief for working parents and minimum wage earners, all of which will provide focused benefits to lower income families.”

Over the past 15 years the number of Ontarians forced to go on Social Assistance has skyrocketed by 55 per cent. One in five people stays on Ontario Works for five or more years, and if they leave almost half return, 90 per cent of them within a year. This is what a cycle of poverty looks like.

“Social assistance will always be about compassion for people in need, but it must also be about lifting people up and helping them get their lives back on track through more jobs, more opportunities and more hope. Tackling the serious issues facing our social assistance system is not an easy thing to do. But it is the right thing to do. And we will get this right.”

With welfare rates having surged under the Liberals, the elites have kept more and more people dependent on government. Now, the Ontario PCs are taking an important step to help people gain financial independence and prosperity on their own terms.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Gleason Gallinger

Welfare is self defeating. If you work and make extra money they take it away, where is the incentive to work. Welfare should be for a finite period of time, make whatever you can make and keep it all. After the finite period is up, if you need welfare to continue then make your case. If not then use all the extra cash you made on welfare to get a fresh start in life.


Gleason, you said it!!! Spot on!!!


Agree 100% with you rationale!

don morris

The major “fly in the ointment” of welfare reform is the belief that people want to be “lifted out of poverty”. Yes, some do, but a good percentage of welfare recipients, especially young single mothers are quite content to stay on welfare and not have the drudgery of reporting to an employer every day. I don’t know if there are any “studies”, (precious studies) on this,and how the data would be accurately collected I have no idea, but everyone on welfare isn’t a hard working person just waiting for that break that makes all the difference. The reason, those that… Read more »


Many Welfare Recipients are on Welfare for Life. It is a Normal Way of Life for these Recipients and it just continues Generation after Generation. I am Happy that we finally have Doug Ford who will make changes, make life better for these Recipients, make life more fair for all the Taxpayers and put a Stop to all this!


Like the Omar Khadr family has been on welfare for some 20 years. I bet you, they are still on welfare after the 10 million.