Trudeau Government Still Delaying New Citizenship Guide, Questions Raised Over Whether FGM Will Be Condemned

The Liberals had come under intense criticism for planning to remove condemnation of the barbaric practice of FGM from the new guide, and since then there have been continued delays.

When in government, the Conservatives made some important changes to the Canadian Citizenship Guide.

Among those changes was making it clear that barbaric and un-Canadian practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM), are not acceptable in this country.

Making that clear was necessary because there have been repeated instances of people coming to Canada from parts of the world where women are treated horribly, and bringing those same practices with them.

However, when the Liberals took power, they decided to cynically put political correctness above standing up for Canadian Values.

They said they would remake the Citizenship Guide, and many were concerned about what those changes would be.

Those concerns were well-founded.

A draft of the new document was leaked, and it had removed the condemnation of FGM. It refused to make clear what Canada would, and wouldn’t accept in our country, and pandered to the worst.

After facing a backlash from across the political spectrum, a backlash that was led by the effective work of Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel in bringing the issue to national attention, the Trudeau government seemed to back down.

Since then, there have been repeated delays in bringing in the new guide, and it’s still nowhere to be found.

As noted by the CP, “It’s been more than two years since work began on revising the controversial study guide for Canada’s citizenship test, but the federal government says it needs more time to work on the publication and has no set timeline for release. Internal emails from the Immigration department dating back to 2016 show officials were hoping the launch of the new guide could coincide with Canada 150 celebrations and the 70th anniversary of the Citizenship Act — events that took place over a year ago. But so far, no official guide has materialized.”

Rempel shared her thoughts on what’s going on with the delay:

“The immigration minister’s response to the issue around removing the language about female genital mutilation being a very intolerable practice from the citizenship guide, his delay and his response, I would surmise, didn’t go well within the prime minister’s office. I think probably he mishandled that so badly they’re delaying any sort of output.”

However, it’s also possible that the PM supported Hussen’s response. After all, Trudeau went crazy when the Conservatives called ‘honour killings’ and FGM “barbaric.”

Trudeau was angrier at the word “barbaric” than he was at the practices being condemned – practices which any civilized person would agree are barbaric and have ZERO place in Canada.

So, given his past comments, why wouldn’t Trudeau support what Hussen did?

In fact, the government may be doing something that is often done when politicians want to sneak through an unpopular change: Wait until people forget about it, then introduce it when some other huge scandal hits as a distraction.

We have repeatedly seen that Trudeau, Hussen, and the Liberal government don’t believe in defending Canadian values, and are willing to sell out what Canada truly is all about in order to win a few votes. They won’t hesitate to pull the condemnation of FGM and ‘honour killings’ out of the Citizenship Guide if they think they can get away with it.

Canadians are right to still have questions about the government’s true intentions, and we need to be vigilant to ensure they don’t try to sneak something past us.

Spencer Fernando

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They should also put in the guide that polygamy is illegal and those who do it will be charged.


Has anyone bothered to interview the victims of this practice? I have failed to notice even one volunteer for this mutilation. I am talking about the women here, not the voter.


Again and again LIEberals/NDPt are attempting to lead with fear and division, all the while lying to Canadians. Again, people coming to OUR country need to be integrated into our culture and laws, BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE CANADIAN,and be protected, and should not come here if they just want to change the laws here to be able to torture and kill, which was part of the reason they left their country because they wanted independence and a better life here? We don’t have capital punishment or torture in Canada, and people who want this should not be in OUR… Read more »


Once again, liberals when confronted with the reality of their stupidity, delete and run!

Moe S.

Such hypocrisy from the self-proclaimed ‘feminist’ leader Trudeau. You know the guy who’s more of a feminist than most feminist. The self-appointed morale officer on the ‘sunny ways’ ship. There should NOT be hesitation or debate on whether FMG should be condemned in Canada. Canada’s unity is a result of our common values, ethics, and standards. Canadians allow newcomers to Canada to bring their own culture & values, however, such barbaric cultural practices as FMG should be prohibited and considered a crime against ALL females living in Canada. Trudeau the so-called feminist he claims to be should make loud and… Read more »


CBC Liberal news release: As a demonstration of the new acceptance of FGM our feminist PM will undergo the procedure. All hail our feminist eunuch.

Wendy Lush

FGM is sick, sick, sick.