Why Is Justin Trudeau Giving $50 MILLION Of Our Taxpayer Dollars To The Palestinians?

Fix things in Canada first.

Justin Trudeau’s international virtue-signalling continues at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.

Trudeau is giving $50 million of our taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians.

According to the Globe & Mail, $12.65 million will go to the Palestinians through the United Nations and other ‘international organizations,’ while most of the rest will go towards other NGOs who will disperse the money.

Some of the money will “help young female Palestinians build businesses,” and “address gender-based barriers to entrepreneurship.”

Of course, the question most Canadians are asking is this: Why should any of that be funded with money taken away from Canadian taxpayers?

After all, this is our money, this is the money earned and created by Canadians, and then forcibly taken away by the government. It should be going towards helping Canadian citizens and fixing some of the serious problems we have in our country, instead of being sent to other nations.

Additionally, a key reason so many Palestinians are struggling is because their so-called ‘government’ is more interested in spending money on rockets to attack Israel, instead of actually addressing the needs of their people. The Palestinian government should be stepping up and dealing with the real needs of their people – it’s not the job of Canada’s taxpayers.

Making this even more crazy, is the fact that a Canadian-Palestinian doctor – Tarek Loubani – “met with Indigenous Affairs Minister Jane Philpott on Monday to discuss the project – the latest in a series of meetings in his effort to get all of the federal political parties on board.”

The “project” is solar panels on hospitals in Gaza.

First of all, why the hell would the Canadian Indigenous Affairs Minister be involved in that? Considering the fact that many reserves in Canada are in third-world conditions, you would think that the Indigenous Affairs Minister would be focused on what’s happening here at home.

And secondly, what do solar panels in hospitals in Gaza have to do with Canadian taxpayers?


So, why is Trudeau doing this? Because he’ll score some virtue-signalling points and get to pretend he’s doing his dream job of running the United Nations.

The fact that he’s taking more and more of our money, sending it outside our country, and failing to deal with Canada’s real problems obviously doesn’t matter to him.

While Trudeau will never listen, Canadians must begin pushing back against the idea of taxpayer-funded foreign aid, demanding leaders in all parties pledge to keep our taxpayer dollars focused on Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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