Why Is Justin Trudeau Giving $50 MILLION Of Our Taxpayer Dollars To The Palestinians?

Fix things in Canada first.

Justin Trudeau’s international virtue-signalling continues at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.

Trudeau is giving $50 million of our taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians.

According to the Globe & Mail, $12.65 million will go to the Palestinians through the United Nations and other ‘international organizations,’ while most of the rest will go towards other NGOs who will disperse the money.

Some of the money will “help young female Palestinians build businesses,” and “address gender-based barriers to entrepreneurship.”

Of course, the question most Canadians are asking is this: Why should any of that be funded with money taken away from Canadian taxpayers?

After all, this is our money, this is the money earned and created by Canadians, and then forcibly taken away by the government. It should be going towards helping Canadian citizens and fixing some of the serious problems we have in our country, instead of being sent to other nations.

Additionally, a key reason so many Palestinians are struggling is because their so-called ‘government’ is more interested in spending money on rockets to attack Israel, instead of actually addressing the needs of their people. The Palestinian government should be stepping up and dealing with the real needs of their people – it’s not the job of Canada’s taxpayers.

Making this even more crazy, is the fact that a Canadian-Palestinian doctor – Tarek Loubani – “met with Indigenous Affairs Minister Jane Philpott on Monday to discuss the project – the latest in a series of meetings in his effort to get all of the federal political parties on board.”

The “project” is solar panels on hospitals in Gaza.

First of all, why the hell would the Canadian Indigenous Affairs Minister be involved in that? Considering the fact that many reserves in Canada are in third-world conditions, you would think that the Indigenous Affairs Minister would be focused on what’s happening here at home.

And secondly, what do solar panels in hospitals in Gaza have to do with Canadian taxpayers?


So, why is Trudeau doing this? Because he’ll score some virtue-signalling points and get to pretend he’s doing his dream job of running the United Nations.

The fact that he’s taking more and more of our money, sending it outside our country, and failing to deal with Canada’s real problems obviously doesn’t matter to him.

While Trudeau will never listen, Canadians must begin pushing back against the idea of taxpayer-funded foreign aid, demanding leaders in all parties pledge to keep our taxpayer dollars focused on Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Because all this money is borrowed to give to the Palestinians who are our enemies, the enemies of Israel. I dont believe that legally Trudeau and the Liberals can borrow to give to other countries. They can borrow for the well being of Canadians only.


So Justine doesn’t have any funds to help our Canadian vets who served our country in many war zones, with many of them now existing at the poverty level, but he has funds to help other countries…………that’s what you get from a drama teacher who was brought up with a silver spoon up his “you know where”!!


My question is, “Why are our armed forces sent overseas on what are essentially colonial wars, which only serve to wound our troops and “liberate” resources from those countries so that they can undermine the market for our own resources, such as oil and uranium”. I am most certainly no fan of Turdo, but I am certain he answers to the same people as Trump, May, Macron and the rest of our Western and NATO leaders. To these puppet masters the lives of our military personnel are of no more consequence than the lives of those civilians they are sent… Read more »


If Canada could get back to reality and get working again, become prosperous once more pay off our huge debt, get all Canadians looked after, lower taxes, there are many people and groups in Canada that would be happy helping others around the world and we could support that voluntarily as individuals could afford it. This should not be our Canadian government deciding with money stolen from us, and more and more debt on our backs, not helping the people here. Democracy is a government for all the people of Canada, government should be working for us, not making the… Read more »


Very well said. This social, and political nightmare needs to end now…..In the feelings of most, we cannot chance waiting for the next election. This government must go now. Surely the mainstream members of the Liberal party recognize the horrific disaster being foisted upon Canada by the Trudeau political thugs…which includes the CBC and CTV.

shawn harris

Trudeau is sending the worst type of signal possible to all Canadians and to the world. That Canada is the bank of last resort for corrupt and terrorist governments, such as the Palestinian government. Trudeau would and has from the beginning put the needs of other countries ahead of his legal obligations to Canada. So let’s be clear, just exactly what Trudeau is doing here with our tax dollars; he is immensely benefitting nations that are either very corrupt or are sources of terrorism or both, while at the same time denying Canadian citizens the very much needed help, that… Read more »

Moe S.

Why are Canadians expected to share hard earned money through taxes with foreign countries who have made no contributions to Canada? Trudeau is out of his cotton pick’n mind if he thinks our Canadian allied state of Israel won’t hear of his generous donation to Palestine. Palestinians occupy the Gaza Strip, however, it is under Israel blockade. Palestinians want an independent state in Gaza & the West Bank. The Gaza is controlled by Hamas, an Islamist dictatorship militant resistance group who are intent on ‘destroying’ Israel an replacing Israel with a Palestine state. Hamas has been designated as a terrorist… Read more »


Does any one remember a certain public, religious “conversion” that accured May 6, 2016? I do. This convert was the PM of Canada. If we follow his political legacy/decisions/mandates since his “conversion”, it is safe to reason, his royalties are not for /with the majority of Canadians who this man was elected to fairly & graciously represent. While vast numbers of Canadian citizens – I repeat citizens – are in need … this man’s attention seems to be consumed in ministering to illegals flowing into Canada & renegade terrorists off shore. Has anyone else made the connection that this elected… Read more »


OMG!!! and they also have the nerve to put liens on student loans that we can’t pay back, due to lack of jobs for CANADIANS….they would rather give jobs to outsiders, and spend millions of our dollars to the latter as well…go figure the logic of this damn traitor…he has NO intelligence whatsoever…he’s just as assbackwards as his new ‘families’.

bob kelly

Over half the money will never get to any projects, hamas, Palestinian authority, tribal terrorist groups, will receive the majority of it and trudeau should know this maybe he is too stupid to look into this matter. These so called charities report to no one.


All these comments should be going to the politicians. Something has to be done to stop this corrupt government now.
How can that group of wasted skin have so much power over our money. He was hired to work “ for “ Canadians. We should have the power to fire each and every one of them.

Sandra Clark

$50 million? The “project” is solar panels on hospitals in Gaza? Trudeau is awfully free with Canadian Tax Dollars for some of the stupidest ideas. Hasn’t Trudeau already sent tons of money to Palestine? I betcha the hospitals will never see a dime of it. It will probably go towards weapons. Trudeau has given away billions to other countries. Just imagine, what all that money could do for Canada…but Trudeau isn’t interested in us or our Country. It is our money, is it not? Our tax dollars are supposed to go towards Canadians and the upkeep, future advancement and infrastructure… Read more »


Gifts like this only 48% goes to the people for whom it was intended while 52% goes into the pockets of corrupt money handlers.


It should be no surprise…. all part of his plan from day one.


Why isn’t Andrew Scheer addresssing this issue, instead of cracking jokes with num nuts


First off stop acting like Foreign Aid was just invented. Secondly it’s actually GONE DONE since the Harper Administration. Money goes to many countries. Thirdly it’s nice not to be up Israel’s ass and help oppressed Palestinians. I’m sick to death of people who can’t share the damn land. Stop with the rage signalling. Low rent article

Evidence based science

This is a evidence based comment. Written by a school teacher, library technition or another highly intuitive public servent. The fact that people cant share land is only a israel/palistinian problem. Everyone else in the world now gets along. I decre!

Tommy Hawk

Treason, once it is ‘acceptable,’ knows no bounds.

Beverley Campbell

Once again I cannot believe that this is the ELECTED OFFICIAL THAT THE GENERAL PUBLIC SELECTED TO LEAD WHAT WAS A PROSPEROUS AND PROTECTED COUNTRY, without cursing up a storm, which is what I frequently feel like doing, I have to say that the faster we get rid of this moron the happier Canadians will be, he is plainly and simply in over his head, too much of his Mother and not enough of his Father, whom we also ended up despising. Lets get rid of him and forget about the entire family, users and parasites and free spenders of… Read more »

Kerry Willett

Hi, is there an itemized individual List of How much taxpayer monies he has given away? To who? When and Where the monies went? Thank you for your efforts and hard work in keeping us a breast of happenings..


Justin The Groper is also your BASIC LOSER !


Catherine Campbell

The implication of Tarek Loubzni going to Indigenous Affairs Minister, I’m sure, is meant to be that Palestinians are indigenous to this area, including Israel. Besides, why does some doctor get in to see a Federal Minister to make a pitch for $20 M for some other country?

L Keane

There is no such thing as a Palestinian. Those referred to as Palestinians are born in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon etc. Elitists and the UN keep pushing the fake Palestinian narrative.

Israel is the only democracy in the region. If we aid anyone, it should be our friends and allies such as Israel. The aid could be military aid to help protect the chosen people from the same Islamist rabble who have carried out terror attacks in our country in Toronto, Ottawa, and Edmonton.

This government appears to be anti-Semitic in both it’s rhetoric and its actions.

Wendy Lush

On the last day of Obama’s Presidency he quietly authorized $221 million to be given to the Palestinian Authority. When Trump found out he blew a gasket and put a freeze on it before the cheque was cashed. Now, the USA has 13x times our economy, so our $50 million CAD (= $37 million USD in 2016) is like $480 million in the scenario above! “Why Obama sent the Palestinians $221 million during his last hours in office” https://www.businessinsider.com/obama-queitly-sends-221-million-to-palestine-2017-1 $50 million is peanuts; JT is giving out way more than that so that he can impress his international audience: https://spencerfernando.com/2017/03/04/trudeau-gives-away-billions-countries-ignores-problems-canada/… Read more »

Marcel Matte

Watch out and be ready for action…..the dictator is out of the box now! You are now losing your country if you do not speak up and act!