Bumblin’ Justin Keeps Adding More Expensive Elitist Bureaucrats

While many Canadians struggle, life is good for the central government elites.

The number of elitist top-level bureaucrats keeps rising under the Trudeau government.

As reported by the Hill Times, the number of deputy ministers and assistant deputy ministers (both highly paid positions), have risen about 17% under Trudeau in the last decade.

There were 72 of those positions in 2008, and there are now 84.

The trend has been upwards as well, with the number of those positions rising from 75, to 80, to 84 while the Trudeau government has been in power.

While the cost may not be massive in terms of overall government spending, it indicates an attitude on the part of the Trudeau government, and it’s a concerning attitude.

After all, we need to remember that Justin Trudeau said that Veterans were asking for “more than we can afford to give right now.”

But if that’s the case, how can the government afford to hire more expensive elitist bureaucrats?

Does Bumblin’ Justin really think we’ll believe him when he says there isn’t money for those who served our nation, but the money magically exists when new bureaucrats are hired?

The real issue is that Justin Trudeau’s priorities are simply wrong. He doesn’t want to truly stand up for Veterans, and he doesn’t want to keep more money in the hands of Canadian workers.

Instead, he wants to enrich the elites, and expand the power and size of government. So he finds money for rich bureaucrats, but can’t find it for Veterans or for most Canadians.

It’s disappointing, but it’s no surprise considering what Trudeau has done so far in office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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October, 2019 is too far away. This Incompetent PM is destroying and bankrupting Canada each and every day. When is he going to be charged for TREASON?? Canadians want him Gone NOW!

Chris vrecko

unless we get a strong leader in it won’t happen. They have to tell the NEW WORLD ORDER to go where the sun doesn’t shine. Focus on Canadians and only Canadians. They need to remove all illegals and get our people working. Encouraging them no put stumbling blocks in every path we take.

Connie Cattle

50 million for Palestine and more for 14 more bureaucrats at our expense but nothing for vets and homeless, or the military, no tax reductions for the people who are paying the bill. But we should have expected it he hasn’t got a clue of how to run a country or even an idea about economics. As long as we the taxpayers keep giving them our hard earned money, to his overpaid bureaucrats and him nothing will change. Nothing short of a tax revolt will change till we get him and his leaches out of office come the next election.


just another one of his ludicrous delusions …thinks that by shifting silly stupid, one gets other than silly stupid or adding silly stupid has another outcome …


As much as I despise Trudeau and his collaborators, the growth in the bureaucracy over the last 10 years is only 30 % Trudeau. My beloved Conservatives were in power during the 7 years prior to the nitwit scoundrel, Turdo coming to power.

Ralph Knapp

Trudeau is a total failure as he follows the Wynne path of destruction. Lets’ hope he doesn’t take us with him.

Tommy Hawk

“…..more than we can afford…..” another lie in an ever-growing number of lies to exit his lying mouth. His whole personality is based on intentional deceit — lies because, as with daddy, deceit is more important than breathing and is, as well, as giving him the opportunity to claim — as he has done that he was misquoted.

He and daddy could historically be referred to aa ‘birds of a feather and will be referred to — I hope — as the tw0 w0rst disasters in the hist0ry 0f 0ur country.