Economic Weakness Ahead Predicts Internal Trudeau Government Memo

More Canadians are staying unemployed for a longer time.

The Trudeau government is expecting the Canadian economy to weaken – but they aren’t telling Canadians about it publicly.

That’s according to a government memo prepared for Finance Minister Bill Morneau, which expects lower growth and lower job creation.

While the government claimed the short-term numbers unemployment numbers were good, there was concern expressed regarding “the long-term unemployment rate and wage growth.”

As pointed out in a recent report, “The note underlined wage growth that’s “still relatively modest by historical standards,” a lethargic employment rebound in Alberta since the 2014 oil-price collapse and a higher-than-anticipated share of unemployed people who have been looking for work for at least six months.”

What makes this interesting is how it contrasts with the narrative the government has tried pushing about the economy.

For example, the government has tried to spin recent wage growth as ‘historic,’ while the note says it’s “still relatively modest.”

In fact, wage growth had reached 5% under the Harper government, a number that hasn’t been matched by the Trudeau Liberals.

The reality is that Justin Trudeau and Bill (Moneybags) Morneau, inherited a very strong economy from Stephen Harper. The budget was balanced, the business environment was competitive, and there was tremendous potential for the country. Trudeau has wasted all of that, slamming the economy with carbon taxes, and regulations that have pushed over $100 billion in investment out our country.

And now, with Canada on the outside looking in with NAFTA negotiations, the economic future is looking bleak so long as Trudeau remains in power.

Spencer Fernando

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Nice to hear the truth coming out, thank you Spencer, again. I just had a nice talk with a Conservative man, and he had not heard of you, and he is from Manitoba? ( everyone knows each other in Manitoba? LOL) I hope he reads your truthful media and passes your name on further in his Conservative office here in Ontario. He said he knows of some reporters who have quit their Lieberal rags, could not stand the propaganda writing. and are also online, unfortunately I am getting absent minded at times (good excuse eh? LOL) but I forgot to… Read more »

Eric Blair

I think I am in the same boat as you Nancy. I tell people about Spencer’s wonderful website and the things that he stands for in his commentary and they have never hear of him. However, they also don’t know who Gerald Butts is either. I tend to give them an education on who Butts is as in the real prime minister, the guy that calls the shots.

Tommy Hawk

Your article clearly indicates one important reality — the budget will NOT balance itself — and, in passing, that claim was an idiotic comment from a demonstrably idiotic mentality.

shawn harris

The obvious problem with Trudeau is that he is a left of centre globalist socialist. And the first order of business when a socialist gains power, is to destabilize the economy and raise taxes, so as to make everyone, including businesses, very dependent upon the government for all of their needs, especially income. Trudeau was neither educated or very much interested in the economics of how Canada worked or the welfare of the average worker, other than to gain votes necessary to be PM. And he has proved that, by his actions. Any other party gaining power , seeing that… Read more »

Irene Prouten

I just want to say that I do agree with this gentleman.
It is going to take years to repair all the damage Trudeau and the Liberals have done to our beautiful country!. Hopefully , we can get rid of these good for nothing people in 2019 and get a good strong Conservative party in that will fight for the people of Canada. We do not need anymore immigrants at this time they are draining us dry.
We need to look after our Canadian people first.
Thank you Spencer.