GLOBALISM: As Trudeau Gives Our Tax Dollars To The Palestinians, Canadians Say Poverty Here At Home Is Rising

The broken and backwards priorities of the Trudeau government continue to be revealed.

As I reported yesterday, the Trudeau government is planning to give $50 million of our taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians:

“$12.65 million will go to the Palestinians through the United Nations and other ‘international organizations,’ while most of the rest will go towards other NGOs who will disperse the money.

Some of the money will “help young female Palestinians build businesses,” and “address gender-based barriers to entrepreneurship.”

At the same time as Trudeau gives our money away, more and more Canadians are saying that poverty is rising in their communities.

Here’s what was reported in a recent Angus Reid survey:

“Canadians overwhelmingly see poverty in their communities as increasing, rather than decreasing, and they believe their federal and provincial governments aren’t doing enough to reverse this trend. Just what should be done, however, is the subject of considerable disagreement.”

The poll shows 82% of Canadians saying “the growing gap between the rich and everyone else is unacceptable,” while 74% have said “it’s getting harder to maintain a middle-class standard of living where they live.”

The price of Globalism

This is the price of globalism. While Canadians are increasingly facing economic challenges, the government that is supposed to be serving us is taking our tax dollars and giving it away to other countries.

So long as that keeps happening, we won’t be able to solve our problems here at home, and Canadians in need will pay the price for the virtue-signalling of disloyal politicians like Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

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Hum! “Some of the money will “help young female Palestinians build businesses,” and “address gender-based barriers to entrepreneurship.” How about FEEDING HUNGRY CANADIANS first?
Trudeau is definitely living in a lala land bubble. He is not aware that for thousands and thousands of Canadians, making ends meet is a daily challenge. No, monsieur invests in principles!! We have enough of his bubble gum policies.

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau hates Canadians… Trudeau hates Canada!!! He has openly stated it and he openly shows it!


It seems like the Muslim Brotherhood is advising/contolling Trudeau about where to give away Canadians’ money.There are lots of start-up business owners in Canada that would appreciate the financial help that the Lieberals are giving to Palestinians.

Timothy Hickey

Can you imagine how the SPIRIT in this Nation could be lifted by giving the money being sent out to the United Nations ponzi scam in the form of dividends to every Canadian! Give the money to Canadians, and let them decide who to support around the world with what is rightfully theirs! Money raised by Canadian taxpayers must stay in Canada! Serving the Globalists is destroying our very own capacity to lift Canadians higher! Change must come in 2019 through the election of 338 Non-Partisan Independent Canadians who will STAND on a Canadian Mandate that will deliver the democratic… Read more »


“most of the rest will go towards other NGOs who will disperse the money” = NCCM, a subgroup of the Muslim Brotherhood, likely to be used for weapons and explosives.


If the red Lieberals/NDP want to give their own money away fine, but no, they want to take (steal) our money make us poor with huge debt, crime rising, terrorists that they claim-not us, no borders, no protection from them (lieberal/ndp) and their greedy selfish globalists agendas-this is not a Canadian government folks, that silly foolish brainwashed people voted for, and it will destroy us as a nation, these red Lieberal/ndp foreign globalists are traitors we need to destroy them before they destroy us. The Rt. Hon. Mr.Harper did warn us, I trusted him he was for us AND FOR… Read more »


The ONLY solution to the gluttony | DIRECT DEMOCRACY

tTommy Hawk

Typical Liberal and NDP (socialist) policies — n0ne 0f which are sustainable after a certain period of time — the GNP simply dissolves — and history teaches us what the end result will inevitably be — financial and social implosion.

Darryl Wiltzen

On our street, there are no more pleasure boats, no more campers, no more large pickups, and no more 4x4s. The gardeners plant fewer flowers. Few have renovated parts of the house, and usually only when needed. It is a sign there is no more extra money around here.


I see there are many complaining about what this imbecile is now doing after he lied to you during the election. How does it feel to know the WOS you swooned & voted for is exactly what Harper & the conservatives said he was, JUST NOT READY?
Hopefully the idiots in the east who were hoodwinked by the left propaganda media parties will actually think for themselves in 2019. If not & you again fall for the liberal lies, that it will finally cause the split of the country.


What a disgrace! It is a insult to us Canadian taxpayers for Trudreau to give our taxes to a country that harbours terrorists, which Palestine is known for, after our country was attack by radical Islam believer who killed two young girls and injured 14 others, in a terrorist act. I wonder what Israel and the USA thinks about that? Trudeau is the worst mistake in the history of Canada. Giving our taxes to a country where they hate us infidels. We Canadian citizens must demand that laws are made to protect us against corrupt and treasonous government.


Trudeau is the worst mistake in the history of Canada. Giving our hard earned money to Palestine a country that harbours terrorists. I am so tired of Trudeau and his corrupt government. He is a threat to our national security.