Not A Parody: Real Catherine McKenna Account Tweets About “Cat Cuddles” & Plastic Straws

This must be the Liberals strategy to deal with parody accounts: Be crazier than a parody account ever could be.

Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals are very angry about parody Twitter accounts.

Even as huge problems pile up, they’ve spent a bunch of time focused on people making fun of them on Twitter.

They clearly want to be taken ‘VERY SERIOUSLY’.

And yet, McKenna’s still tweeting stuff like this:

🐱 You can still enjoy your cat cuddles and iced coffee without plastic straws – has confirmed it! Thanks for doing your part to . Canada is driving momentum towards this through the .

UPDATE: McKenna deleted the tweet after the cafe apparently replied to her and said they still serve plastic straws if people ask for it. But don’t worry, I’ve saved a photo of it below:

McKenna Cat Tweet

It’s not a parody account. It’s the real Catherine McKenna on Twitter.

At this point, you’re probably wondering “how can someone tweeting that kind of stuff be shocked when they get parodied?”

It’s bad enough that the government spent so much time worried about parody accounts, but it’s even worse that they tweet absolutely laughable things and then expect to be taken seriously.

What a joke.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I know why 2015 Election went Liberal = Canadians are soft for Children.
But we now know that Children have no place running a Country called Canada.


These so-called parliamentarians are worse than children, they cannot comprehend fact from fiction.




Tommy Hawk

Juvenile delinquents are just that — juvenile delinquents — so, truthfully, what can we expect?


The greatest parody is their concern about plastic straws and carbon while 3 suns continue to sizzle beneath Japan. If people knew the truth about nuclear power they would gladly choose carbon, plastic and candles. They don’t keep us informed because it plays into their depopulation plans. 400 tons of highly radioactive water into the ocean every day, forever. If they want to fret over bio-accumulation, start there. Everything else is eco BS until they do. And don’t get me started about the bio-accumulation of estrogen mimicking endocrine disruptors or bitumen. Gender fluid people drive on bitumen everyday while worrying… Read more »


The greatest achievement of the Trudeau regime, has been their example.
They have shown conclusively that intelligence is not required to be elected. But it is required in order to competently perform their elected positions.


We are all born ignorant, but liberals work hard to remain stupid!

shawn harris

Obviously MacKenna doesn’t see the irony in her desire to be taken seriously. No one can make stupid mistakes and demand to be taken seriously. But what is even worse, the Liberals spend more time and taxpayers dollars trying make people like them and force Canadians to conform to Trudeau’s morals, ethics,or more accurately lack thereof by taking away their rights and freedoms and telling everyone , just exactly what those rights, freedoms are. Surely, no Canadian wants to be exhibiting the same character traits of Trudeau, lying, deceitful, arrogance, duplicity , condescending attitude, paternalism and so on. But more… Read more »


Plastic objects discarded come pretty much in great majority from third world countries where there are no infrastructure in place to pick up garbage, no recycling centers, no education into avoiding pollution and where the daily struggle is to feed oneself and to make it until tomorrow. Environmentalism is alien. When I was on the Canadian Forces & NATO sponsored “environmental committee” in Kabul (camp Julien) back in 2004 we recycled stuff on camp and paid local truck drivers to haul it away to some theoretical “eco-center” where it could be transformed for some future mysterious use. I kid you… Read more »


But it’s not a joke Spencer – this stupidity is costing us big time.