READ: In Series Of Tweets, Scheer Slams Trudeau Over Carbon Tax

“The reality (of course) is that the Trudeau Carbon Tax is bad for everyone.”

After the Trudeau Liberals partial carbon tax retreat, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer shared a series of Tweets, explaining why the carbon tax left in place is still a harmful policy, and how Trudeau is doing damage to Canada’s economy.

The Tweets can be seen below:

“Conservatives are winning the fight against Justin Trudeau’s Carbon tax. Some thoughts on today’s news… 1/n”

“We’re learning that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are retreating. They’re trying to quietly “walk back” how much some large companies will have to pay under his new Carbon Tax. 2/n”

“This is after industry groups, business leaders, local operators, and families have argued for years that the Trudeau Carbon Tax will 1) kill jobs, 2) make life more expensive for Canadians, and 3) do absolutely nothing to actually help the environment. 3/n”

“Today Trudeau is acknowledging that Conservatives are right and his Carbon Tax makes Canada a less competitive place to do business and that it will kill Canadian jobs. 4/n”

“Yet he still plans to impose his Carbon Tax on smaller businesses and families in full force. This makes no sense. The Trudeau Carbon Tax cannot be harmful for big business while simultaneously be helpful for small business and families. But this is now Trudeau’s position. 5/n”

“The reality (of course) is that the Trudeau Carbon Tax is bad for everyone. It makes Canada a less a competitive place to do business, whether your company employs five people or 50,000. It makes life more expensive for individuals and families. 6/n”

“Canada’s competitiveness problem is a direct result of Justin Trudeau’s failed economic policies, of which the Carbon Tax is unfortunately just one example. 7/n”

“Trudeau has also created massive regulatory uncertainty, he has increased taxes on payroll, he has introduced – and make no mistake, will still impose a new Carbon Tax – and is running massive generational deficits. 8/n”

“Justin Trudeau’s failed policies have made it more difficult to do business and create jobs in Canada. As a result, a large ‘Closed’ sign now hangs on a country that was once one of the very best places in the world to do business. 9/n”

“My first act as Prime Minister will be to repeal Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax. Canada needs to be open for business. We need to create jobs and opportunity for Canadians everywhere. And together, we can do just that. 10/10”

Scheer’s read of the situation is spot-on, and his promise to scrap the carbon tax is something that millions of Canadians want to see happen.

Spencer Fernando

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