REPORT: US & Mexico Close To NAFTA Deal On Car Rules, Canada Still On Sidelines

The US & Mexico continue to have one-on-one talks, while Canada is left out.

As Canada remains on the sidelines, the US & Mexico are nearing a NAFTA deal on car rules.

Bloomberg News has reported that “The U.S. and Mexico are in the final stages of negotiating a deal on rules for cars sold under NAFTA, one of the biggest sticking points in discussions to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to five people familiar with the talks.”

Both Mexico and the United States have reportedly made concessions, with Mexico being “flexible on automotive wages and content,” and the US seemingly reducing demands on regional content.

Bloomberg also noted how Canada has been left out:

“The talks have taken on a largely two-nation format, with Canada rebuffed in recent attempts to engage with Lighthizer, according to three other people with knowledge of the talks, who also asked not to be named. The Canadian negotiating team led by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has been told that the U.S. is focusing on negotiations with Mexico and isn’t interested in engaging with Canada at the moment, according to the people.”

If the US and Mexico agree to a deal on car rules without Canada, it would be a serious potential blow to Canada’s auto industry. It would put Canada at risk of being hit with auto tariffs from the US, while Mexico would be unscathed. This would dramatically reduce Canada’s negotiating leverage, and likely force the Trudeau government to accept a worse deal than they would have gotten otherwise.

Yet again, Trudeau and Freeland’s decision to stand in “solidarity” with Mexico and refuse bilateral talks with the US is looking worse and worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ray Decorby

JT’s arrogant and demeaning of Trump across the continent at various left-wing campuses and events over the last couple of years, has certainly poisoned the well. His propaganda arm at the CBC has deflected from what’s going on in Canada with “Trump Hate” articles daily, also helping sour the relationship; while selfishly using it to boost polls for domestic political gain. Perception of David fighting Goliath so to speak. Considering only 2% of USA’s GDP/trade is with Canada and 20% of our is reliant on US trade; there is little doubt who holds all the cards. Trump will have his… Read more »


Like I have said Canada is so screwed because the child in Ottawa , he needs to beg Trump for forgiveness, and bet that won’t work , Trump will likely wait til we have a new conservative government


As stated by Americans ” Don’t think that the USA has not noticed how Islamic and socialist Canada is becoming, so sad for the old Canadians that are not Islamic or socialist but many Americans do not want to do trade with a non trustworthy Islamic nation, becoming full of terrorists and criminals” I may have left some words out but that was the jist of it. We are money laundering for worldwide criminals and terrorists, we supplied and sold all the guns for Iraq’s military, Canadian made guns that are illegal in Canada are being sold on the black… Read more »