ANCHOR RELATIVES: Family Members Of Illegal Border Crossers Are Using Loophole To Enter Canada

Canadian taxpayers are going to keep getting fleeced.

We recently learned that illegal border crossers have cost Canadian taxpayers $270 million.

And if you thought the illegal border crossing crisis couldn’t get worse, think again.

It turns out that family members of illegal border crossers are using a loophole that allows them to be basically guaranteed entry into Canada.

Here’s what a memo from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said:

“Recently, CBSA officers are noticing another phenomenon: claimants who have recently arrived in Canada as irregular migrants and have refugee claims in process are acting as an anchor relative for other qualifying family members. This means that these family members can present themselves at a port of entry and not be considered as irregular migrants. Also, they can’t be refused entry under the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA).”

This means that illegal border crossers – who are already using a loophole – are having family members come to Canada – also using a loophole.

So, for everyone who enters Canada illegally, an untold number of people could also enter Canada.

This goes to show why refusing to secure the border is such a serious problem. It is creating an ever-growing number of people who can enter Canada against the will of our country, pushing legal immigrants to the back of the line and adding to the burden on our social programs.

And while the establishment media refuses to say “illegal border crossers,” we know that crossing into Canada illegally is exactly that: Illegal.

Yet, that illegal behaviour is being rewarded by the Trudeau government, and that reward is getting even bigger when people entering illegally can then get their family members here.

The government must get tough and remove all incentives to illegal crossings. Every day they refuse to do so only confirms that they are more loyal to those breaking Canada’s laws than they are to Canadian citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Syrian Refugees in Canada Facing Challenges After One Year

Socialism, the gift that keeps on giving……………..


Yeah, and taking also – from your and my pocket – to aid illegals at that!!


Can something be more messy than Trudeau ‘s team handling of illegal immigration? I work in the recruitment industry and there is an awful large amount of new Canadian residents right now. Is Trudeau expecting them to vote in 2019?


We must demand all these illegal migrants and their anchored families be paid for by the Trudeau Foundation Fund.
And whe the PCs win the election, they can send them all back.
They are going to vote for Socialsm/Communism and other things Canadians don’t want.

Carmine Lombardi

The Liberal & the NDP are both looking for a new demographic of voters to either keep them in power or to gain power, that’s their primary motivation for supporting it.

David Henley

The time for the conservative government to act in a non confident against Trudeau has come and gone. Not sure what they are waiting for, but continued none action from them will result in a devastating result for this country. Liberals and NDP don’t care about our laws and will do anything to destroy this country. Failure to act now will be on their heads. Canadian people will not tolerate the inaction of elected officials that sit on their hands and simply talk like the liberals are even listening.


Disgusting! A nation without borders is not a country.


This ladd is old news for Philipinos do it all the time they get paid by someone wanting to come here and they bring them as a friend visiting but there is a problem these people coming must find a place within 2 months or get thrown under the bus and I can prove it


canada is no longer a country ,it is a free for all for anyone from anywhere in the world too just walk in and make themselves at home and legal honest tax paying canadians are forced too foot the bill by a corrupt dictatorship of a government


According to figures released by the Government, since 2017 until the end of June 30000 has crossed into Canada at non official crossings. Now with people showing up at official crossings and being permitted into Canada under the family rule, let’s do the math. Let’s say an average of 5 show up per 30000, that’s another 150000 people. Now let’s say the total cost is 100000 per year for housing, health education and food. The figures are staggering for one year. Multiply that by 5 years which is the average length of time for hearings. And dear lord, we are… Read more »

Wendy Lush

I’ll tell you what’s been going on for decades: anchor babies. Canada is one of the few countries that allows this madness. Any baby born in Canada gets instant citizenship and can one day sponsor family members. No PM seems to have the guts to put an end to it. From July 2017 to January 2018, 330 pregnant asylum seekers crossed into Quebec: “Le Québec a accueilli 330 demanderesses d’asile enceintes depuis le mois de juillet” That’s correct, 330 soon to be anchor babies – in 6 months! That number is way too high to be random occurrences. Therefore… Read more »

edward kennedy

This fake refugee influx is nothing but a program of socialist income theft from workers to be redistributed to economic illegal aliens who are net liabilities to any nation. Justie seems to think Canada is the dumping ground for unskilled non English speaking unemployables whose welfare dependency increases the dollar signs as these useless liabilities copulate their way to more tax dollars. The LPC cares not about any of us, and criminally calculates by importing even unvetted criminals that they can retain power.